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The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 160 – Will Other Games Adopt the Fortnite Model?

With only two weeks left until E3 2019, news is pretty scarce in the world of gaming. To make up for that, we discuss whether other developers will try to use the wildly successful Fortnite business model to their advantage in other genres, possibly as a way to replace the pay-to-win loot box model. Which games and genres could it work in?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 159 – Xbox and PlayStation Working Together?

This week brought news of Xbox and PlayStation working together to make streaming games in the future more smooth and consistent for everyone around. How optimistic are we about where this new partnership will go? It's not going to be life changing, and they're still competitors, but we talk about what it could mean for the future of gaming.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 158 – Microtransactions, EA Access on PlayStation, and Bethesda E3 Preview

This week, we dig into the legislation proposed in the United States Senate that would severely limit the ability of game developers to include loot box microtransactions in their games.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 157 – The Road to E3 2019 Begins!

This week starts our E3 preview content, as we discuss what we might expect to see from Electronic Arts and Square Enix at this year's show. We cover what they've done at E3 in recent years, talk about what they each need to do there this year, and finally, discuss what we expect to see from them this year.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 120 – Cyberpunk 2077 Demo and Battlefield V Delayed

This week, we discuss the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo that was released to the public - what are we most excited for in the game and does the demo live up to the hype around it coming out of E3? We also share the features that impressed us most, and discuss why CD Project Red was right to not show the demo to fans until now.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 119 – Would Xbox All Access Be a Good Deal For Gamers?

This week, we discuss the rumored Xbox All Access program, which would give players an Xbox One S or X, Xbox Live Gold, and Game Pass for a monthly fee. Is this pricing model the way of the future, and who is it aimed at? Ultimately, is it a good deal for gamers?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 113 – Xbox Could Be Offering a Streaming Only Console

This week we learned that Microsoft is rumored to be offering a streaming only console alongside the standard Xbox when Project Scarlett arrives next generation. Do we think a streaming console will be successful, and how many of us would buy it? On top of that, what should the price be for a streaming only box? Also, Microsoft is doing something amazing with the shipping packaging for people who order the adaptive controller, and we discuss this as part of Microsoft's commitment to inclusion in gaming.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 112 – Battlefield and COD Betas, Plus New Xbox Hardware Coming Soon

Microsoft has teased a new hardware announcement for Gamescom next month, and we discuss what we think it could be. If it is actually a new elite controller, will we be getting it? Also, Battlefield V and Call of Duty announced their beta dates - we talk about which we'll be playing, and if the direction that Battlefield seems to be headed is something we all want.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 111 – Scott Drader Interview and Nintendo’s Indie Commitment

This week, the Gaming Hub team is joined by Scott Drader, co-founder of Metalhead Software, to talk about Super Mega Baseball 2 and game development in general. We discuss the Super Mega Baseball series and why we love it, as well as get Scott's insight to why certain decisions were made about the game. Additionally, he talks about what it's like to be an independent game developer and the challenges he and his team face when developing a game.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 110 – Community Play Announcements and Fan Mail

This week, we take a little different approach to the show for one week only. With there not being a whole lot in the way of meaningful news items in the world of console gaming, we instead focus on the community events we have planned over the next few months. From announcements of tournaments to community plays, we detail everything we have planned from July into early 2019!

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 109 – A New Halo TV Series and Sony’s Response to the Cross Play Controversy

This week, we dive into Sony's response to the cross-play controversy as we discuss the statement put forth by PlayStation regarding it. Are they serious about looking at a way to bring cross-play to the PlayStation, or are they just buying time? We also discuss whether we really care about cross-play on consoles, and if cross-play is really something companies should feel obligated to provide. Compared to locking the Epic account for PS4 Fortnite players, is cross-play really that big of a deal?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 108 – The Future of Console Gaming

E3 just ended, so there's very little news in the gaming world. Therefore, on the heels of the Gamestop news this week, we talk about the future of console gaming. Are digital downloads and subscription services the way of the future? Will physical copies and disc drives in consoles ever really go away? Finally, we discuss whether a company like Gamestop can truly survive and thrive as the landscape of console gaming changes.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 107 – E3 2018 Wrap Up

E3 2018 is over, and we're here to sum up what we saw this week and give you all of our top moments. We give you the 15 games and moments that got us most excited during the biggest video game show of the year this year. Did any huge announcements or games not make the list? Spoiler alert: the answer is yes!

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 106 – E3 2018! Nintendo Reactions

Nintendo had their annual video presentation at E3 this year, and we sat down after the show to discuss what we thought of everything they showed. What were our reactions to Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Did what they showed make any of us want to buy it, and are we happy with the release date? Also, we talk Pokemon, Mario Party, Fire Emblem, and more.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 105 – E3 2018! PlayStation Conference Reactions

As expected, Sony spent much of their E3 conference focused on The Last of Us II, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider Man, and Death Stranding. We give our reactions to what we saw from each of those games, as well as a few other surprise games shown on stage. In addition, we discuss the presentation style Sony decided to go with this year, and whether the early part of the show having delays and difficulties impacted the experience for us.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 104 – E3 2018! Ubisoft Conference Reactions

Ubisoft took the stage on Monday, and the Gaming Hub team sat down right after the conference to discuss our reactions to games like The Division 2, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Skull and Bones, and so much more. Did Ubisoft shake the label of being a somewhat awkward show in years past, and did they deliver enough to stand out among the other developer conferences? We get into all of these topics on the show.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 103 – E3 2018! Bethesda Conference Reactions

The Gaming Hub team offers their thoughts and reactions to the Bethesda E3 show right after seeing it on Sunday. We discuss Fallout 76 - is the always online aspect of the game a good direction for the franchise? In addition, we dig into a new Wolfenstein game, Elder Scrolls Online content updates, Doom, teases for Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield, as well as the hilarious Skyrim Very Special Edition, which is also very real.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 102 – E3 2018! Microsoft Conference Reactions

Our E3 2018 coverage continues with Microsoft's Xbox conference! We break down everything that we saw, including the huge amount of games that were shown off on stage by Xbox this year. We dig into Halo, Gears of War, Battlefield V, Ori 2, and much much more.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 101 – E3 2018! Electronic Arts Conference Reactions

To kick off our E3 2018 coverage, the team from The Gaming Hub Podcast dives into the Electronic Arts conference, discussing everything we saw during the show. We discuss Battlefield V, Anthem, the upcoming sports games, Respawn's Star Wars game, and a lot more!

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Ad Infinitum is disturbing, confusing and horrific, much like the WWI setting. It tackles some interesting themes and tells a story that is hard to get a handle on. But the gameplay is solid, as are the visuals and brilliant soundtrack. 


Overall I enjoyed my time playing HUMANKIND and would recommend it to both strategy game veterans and beginners. It can be extremely enjoyable however it is held back by some bugs and half-baked gameplay mechanics.