If you like nothing better than grabbing a cue and smashing some balls around, then your videogaming options are severely limited. In fact, other than the brilliant Pure Pool, there is little in the way of baize covering excitement when it comes to pool. But all that may well be changing as Premium Pool Arena has arrived on Xbox One.

Available right now for £8.39, Premium Pool Arena for Xbox One lets you rediscover the tension of pool, whilst bringing a multitude of game modes to the table. With traditional 8-ball pool at front and centre, the chance to take part in tournaments, unlocking better cues along the way should surely appeal to fans of the game.

Daily challenges are in place to drag you back in time and time again, all as you attempt to pocket the victories and take down the opposition to become the champion pool player you know you can be.

Should you fancy giving it a little potshot, then the Microsoft Store will sort you out for a download.

Game Description:

Awaken the pool pro within you! (Re)discover the joy and tension of traditional pool through the different game modes and ultra-intuitive gameplay. Work on your technique, unlock better and better cues and pocket the victories to become absolute champion! • Play traditional 8-ball • Take part in tournaments against stronger and stronger opponents • Develop your style of play by unlocking different cues with your victories • Try to win the daily challenges • Customise your games with the different available table styles

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