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With June’s debut of the Azure Striker GUNVOLT series onto Xbox shores – the first title released onto 3DS way back in 2014, but only recently have Xbox fans been able to play it – it is now the turn of its sequel, Azure Striker GUNVOLT 2, to bless Xbox players with even more fast-paced 2D side-scrolling shooting!

Originally released, again for the 3DS, in 2016, ASG2 sees players once again tasked with disposing of all manner of robot enemies as our electricity-wielding protagonist. Alongside Gunvolt, who we all got familiar with in the first entry to the series, the sequel sees the introduction of Copen, who has a distinct set of abilities that may make them an even more viable option to play as.

You see, not only can Copen smash into nearby enemies through a handy lock-on system, but he can also make use of homing missiles, as well as copy the powers of any bosses he defeats – overpowered much?!

Fans of the series will know what to expect with Azure 2, all in all. It’s simply a case of moving from side to side across the screen, attempting to distinguish all the explosions on screen from actual enemies, and then using a number of electricity-based weapons to ensure that said enemies don’t get back up again!

And what’s more, this Xbox edition of Azure Striker GUNVOLT 2 comes with all the DLC packaged in, for free – this truly is the ultimate way to play what is such a wacky Japanese title.

Azure Striker GUNVOLT 2 is now available to pick up and play on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One – the Xbox Store can see you sorted out for £15.99. And for a game developed by those behind Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX, one really cannot scoff at that price point. Furthermore, the game can also be picked up on PC and 3DS.

Game Description:

The ultra-refined 2D side-scrolling action you remember from “Azure Striker Gunvolt” is recharged and better than ever! Players take command of Gunvolt and make short work of enemies using his high-speed techniques and command of electricity just like before, but in Gunvolt 2, a new character joins the fray! As Copen, slam into enemies to lock on to them, then unleash a flurry of devastating homing shots to obliterate foes. Copen can also take to the skies using his “Bullit Dash” for extra mobility, and copy the abilities of defeated bosses to expand his arsenal. The “Story Mode+” system, which showcases interactions between characters during the action, returns alongside over 20 songs performed by the virtual pop star, “The Muse”! To top it off, all of the game’s DLC is included!

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