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In terms of unlikely sequels, a 40th anniversary sequel to the original Asteroids was pretty darn unlikely. But developer Mauricio Felippe has decided to surprise us all with Back to Belt, and is unleashing it on Xbox One and Series X|S today.

If you’ve played Asteroids, you know the deal with Back to Belt on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You take control of an angular starship that stays locked to the centre of the screen. Around you spin asteroids, and you rotate 360 degrees in an effort to destroy them and stay alive. It’s about clearing levels and getting high scores.

Back to Belt ships with 64+ levels and a hardcore mode for the true high score hunters. There’s a global high scoreboard too, so if you find that this is your calling, then you can lord it over the entire world. Perhaps you might even step up to the hardcore mode, which comes packaged.

This isn’t just a retread: the wireframe vector graphics are in glorious Technicolor, and the levels wrap around a hex globe to give it a warped, distorted look. Everything has been slanted to make it look like it’s being played on a CRT, and weapons have been amped up hugely, filling up almost the entire screen.

There are some odd additions too, as minigames crop up and seem to incorporate memory games, hidden cup games and more. 

40 years is a long time, so it’ll be fascinating to see if Asteroids has the magic to stay relevant in 2020. Find out soon in our review of Back to Belt. 

Back to Belt is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and starts at £8.39 from the Xbox Store. It’s Xbox One X Enhanced too.

Game Description:

Back to Belt is an old-school arcade Shoot ’em up spiritual sucessor of Asteroids The game itself is an homage to Asteroids 40th anniversary, Plus the game has 64+ levels, 3 mini games and hard core mode for arcade masters.

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