Had enough of the bog-standard Sunflower and boring old Peashooter? You need to drop some bling into your garden.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is today seeing the addition of a new downloadable content pack, one which brings the bling. Priced at £7.99, with the usual 10% discount in place for EA Access subscribers, the Rux Bling Bundle 2 pretty much does as you would expect, delivering sparkling new rare abilities and items to the battle.

That means should you wish to get in on the new action, bagging yourself some new content then you’ll find that the Bling Bundle 2 drops a Bling version of Pylon Imp’s Mech ability, the same for Peashooter’s Pea Gatling and, just for good measure, an exclusive Rux hat for everyone’s favourite Sunflower.

Whilst there are a ton of customisable options available already in Garden Warfare 2, if you are a regular player and think that £7.99 is a reasonable price to pay, then you should head over to the Microsoft Store right now.

DLC Description:

With Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Rux Bling Bundle 2, you can get immediate access to rare abilities and items including: – Bling Pylon Call – Bling version of the Mech ability for Pylon Imp – Bling Gatling – Bling version of the Peashooter’s Pea Gatling ability – Outback Bonnet – Rux exclusive hat for Sunflower

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