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Can’t get enough Borderlands and need more than Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands? Today it has been confirmed that Mad Moxxi has been appointed Chief Galactic Expansion Officer for Ballantine’s, offering up limited edition bottles of Scotch whisky in return for her services. 

It’s long been known that gaming is no longer just about the games; crossovers, collaborations and more help push products in more ways than one. 

That’s the case for Ballantine’s as the Pandora-based entrepreneur joins the Scotch whisky brand to help serve side missions to the community. What this means is that Moxxi herself is front and centre of a new limited-edition bottle, all in hope of promoting responsible drinking live from her bar, whilst offering exclusive access to Borderlands 3 content as she goes. 

Ballantine’s is the world’s second largest Scotch brand (selling some seven million cases a year) and with a collaboration with the Borderlands team and Moxxi herself, they are being sent into the gaming stratosphere. During her initial four-phase contract, Moxxi will be responsible for expanding Ballantine’s intergalactic footprint to the furthest reaches of Pandora, the universe, and beyond. 

Moxxi’s role as Chief Galactic Expansion Officer (CGEO) will see her attempting to bring together existing Vault Hunters and new looters from across the galaxy, serving up a series of missions as well as launching her very own limited-edition loot. She’ll also be laying down some new ground rules in Moxxi’s Bar and will be promoting responsible drinking via a special, personalised, cameo-filled message live from Pandora. Check out that message in the trailer below. 

Things start with Moxxi creating her own Borderlands x Ballantine’s bottle of Scotch whisky: the Ballantine’s x Moxxi’s Bar Edition. This limited-edition run will be available first on Pandora and later across selected retailers on Earth. To get one, it’s pretty much first come, first served and you’ll want to keep an eye on Moxxi as she shares details through her social channels, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Those lucky enough to snag a bottle will get access to exclusive Borderlands 3 content. 

There’s more though and in the coming months, Pandora’s favourite barkeep will also be tasked with recruiting her own squad of the galaxy’s finest Vault Hunters to help spread the word, broadcasting their adventures, giving out exclusive swag and sharing Mad Moxxi’s latest scoops. 

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“A good partnership balances business and pleasure in equal measure,” says Moxxi. “And ours got off to a sweet start. George Ballantine came over to my place with a blush-worthy proposition. He offered me my own special run of bottles. I call it, ‘Moxxi’s Bar Edition.’ Get your hands on one of them, sugar, they’ll treat you right. Like the best things in life, it goes down smooth.” 

Mad Moxxi needs no introduction, even if she didn’t quite find a spot in our list of Best Borderlands NPCs. One of Sanctuary’s most inspirational figures, the renowned Underdome hostess was originally a member of the Hodunk clan before escaping and pursuing headier heights, as well as raising her four children. Since then, she has managed and owned Pandora’s finest establishments – until they got either destroyed or lifted into the sky.

Moxxi will be reporting directly to Ballantine’s Marketing Director, Mathieu Deslandes who commented: “We’ve been following Moxxi’s adventures in Pandora for some time now and are delighted to have such an infamous entrepreneur on board. Her handling of the Heist of the Handsome Jackpot was second to none and her impressive hostessing of the Underdome Riot is not easily forgotten. I have no doubt Moxxi will help catapult Ballantine’s to galactic heights and encourage Vault Hunters to stay true to themselves.” 

This appointment of Moxxi is just the first little step in a long-term partnership between Ballantine’s and the Borderlands franchise. Expect more to be announced as the year progresses. with more to be announced during 2022. It seems to be a decent fit too as Ballantine’s believes that everyone is unique, an original, a one-off and worth celebrating. As a brand it encourages people to free themselves from societal expectations and live life the way they want; because when they do, there’s no wrong way to live. People come to the virtual world of gaming to do what they want and be who they want to be, allowing them to transcend reality, free from judgement. Borderlands creates an inclusive world, allowing players to connect and identify with characters, through their unique personalities, stories and sense of style.   

Let us know if you’ll be hunting down a bottle of Moxxi’s finest.

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11 months ago

Where can one buy this?