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…and now for something completely different. Yep, the gaming world isn’t just about the games, the consoles, the fanboys or the hype. Nope, it’s also about the accessories that help to make your hot and sticky gaming sessions a more pleasurable experience. And that is where Gamer Goo comes in – banishing sweaty gaming palms forever!

You may well have heard of Gamer Goo, after all it is a hand lotion which has been specifically created for the gamers out there. And we’re gamers. And you’re probably a gamer. And so that means interest levels are high.

But why are we sitting here hyping up something that isn’t a new gaming experience? Well Gamer Goo has previously come in 3 unique flavours – peppermint, cinnamon and orange – just now the Florida based company has revealed another trio of sweet summer smells – Teakwood, Cherry Blossom and Vanilla Sugar.

Gamer Goo promises to keep your hands not just dry for up to 4 hours, but utterly cool as you indulge in the heat of battle, and it is the only type of lotion that is dedicated to enhancing the performance of gamers. Designed to improve the gamers grip, as well as increasing accuracy and dexterity by reducing sweat and clammy hands forever. The unique Gamer Goo formula leaves behind no greasy or damaging residue and won’t damage controllers, keyboards, mice or accessories.

The special formulation offered by Gamer Goo keeps hands dry, cool and sweat free, allowing us to perform at our very highest levels for hours on end. A simple pea-sized application is all that’s needed to keep fresh and one-step-ahead of the competition. Used by many professional gamers, Gamer Goo is the secret weapon to ensuring an edge over the competition, getting to work instantly, drying almost instantly and leaving a layer of protection to blocks sweat and moisture.

“Gamers around the globe are fast discovering the benefits that Gamer Goo provides to performance. Our community has welcomed our unique range with open (and sweat free!) hands and love the distinct fragrances our products offer,” said Justin Clark, Co-Founder of Gamer Goo. “We’re excited to bring three new scents to our product portfolio, further enhancing choice and allowing gamers to express themselves further while adding a very real competitive advantage during play. With our range shipping worldwide, we look forward to bringing Gamer Goo to more gamers than ever before in the year ahead.”

If you wish to know more about Gamer Goo, then you would do well to hit up their site. And if the latest flavours are appealing, the video below will divulge a little more info. It’s just a shame you can’t smell them!


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