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Feel the need for a decent surfing game? The Australian indie developer and publisher Bungarra Software are looking to sort you out with Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 – and it’ll be coming to Xbox, PlayStation and PC pretty soon. 

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 is a sport focused surfing game that will see you pitting yourself against the finest surfers in the world. It’s coming to Xbox One and PC (Steam Early Access) in Spring 2022, with an Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 version dropping later in the year. 

A game that will see you surfing your heart out at the most exotic locations on the planet, Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 promises to deliver an expansive world tour with an in-depth leader-board and sports commentary system and a weather tool that impacts your gameplay in real time. 

Further to that, it should also come with a pretty impressive roster of surfers, complemented by a comprehensive character creator for times when you feel the need to let your imagination run wild. It’s looking like all the brands you would expect are going to be involved too – Billabong, Quiksilver and the like are all on board. 

This isn’t a game that will limit you though and should you just wish to hit the waves and free surf it, you’ll be able to, exploring and cruising the massive locations instead. 

“We are surfers who are passionate about the core sport of surfing, along with the culture and the freedom of our lifestyle,” said Andrew West, CEO, Bungarra Software. “We’ve been building surfing games for years and our very first demo was a simulation. Circumstance had sidetracked us away from our desire to make a truly sport focused surfing game, but now we’ve come full circle. So then when it came to talking about who it is we’d really like to work with – it was a pretty simple decision. As a world champion, WSL & Olympic commentator as well as a Sport Australia Hall of Fame member, Barton Lynch is a legend of our sport and we are super stoked to be working with him on this title. We’ve built BL Pro Surfing primarily for surfing gamers, along with anyone interested in our sport and lifestyle. It’s also a game that is accessible for (non gaming) surfers and we hope that they can see the love and passion we’ve put into this project for them.  So while this sports game is pickup and play, it is difficult to master” 

In our eyes there aren’t enough/any surfing games on the market (Surf World Series doesn’t count because we thought it was a bit rubbish) and so what Bungarra Software have planned for Barton Lynch Pro Surfing 2022 is exciting. 

We’ll keep you in the loop but you may wish to check out the Steam page.

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