The latest piece of Batman Arkham Origins content is out to download today.

The Initiation Challenge Map add-on will set you back a rather hefty £5.49 but it will bring you a brand new single player challenge campaign, set high in the North Korean mountains as you follow a young Bruce Wayne as he faces his toughest test. With numerous maps testing all Bruce’s martial art skills, Batman fans will face fresh new enemies as they help Bruce prove his worthiness to his greatest teacher, Kirigi.


There will also be two new skins, Vigilante Bruce Wayne and Initiation Bruce Wayne, for you to don.

The content will be free to all Arkham Origins Season Pass holders or will be available to download from the Xbox Games Store for those who haven’t yet signed up for the pass.

Check out the trailer below to see what is in store for you this week or have a read of last weeks post detailing other Batman Arkham DLC.




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