The time has come to join the fight with Battlefield 1 arriving via EA Access on Xbox One.

Available right now via the EA Access programme on Xbox One, Battlefield 1 is now fully playable, although it’s limited to five maps and four modes for the time being. That said, as soon as the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition of the game drops on the 18th October, the rest of the maps and modes will magically open up.

As always, you’ll get ten hours to experience everything EA and Battlefield 1 has to offer and whether you’re fighting it out at St. Quentin Scar, Amiens, Sinai Desert, Fao Fortress and Suez across the Conquest, Rush, Domination and Operations modes, chances are you’ll be in for more than a good time.

Single player is also available and you can partake in the missions Storm of Steel and Through Mud and Blood, with your progress carrying on one you buy the game proper.

But that’s not all for those playing the game between Oct 13th-20th will receive an exclude Trench Raider Dog Tag, whilst maxing out your full 10 hours will see you gifted a Battlepack as well.

What are you waiting for? Get on that battlefield now soldier!

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