Whilst the campaign was certainly a more than efficient way of introducing Battlefield 1 to players when it arrived last October, it’s the multiplayer offering that has kept players tied down for months on end, all as they chase that coveted level cap. Recently the first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, arrived in Battlefield 1, bringing players plenty of new content to the multiplayer side of the game to help keep things fresh. Today however comes a new update, and whilst this one brings plenty of fixes to the table, which will be sure to please the masses, there are also some exciting new features that should help make that fully realised WW1 experience even better.

One of the most exciting is the new much-talked about Platoons feature. Platoons were similarly introduced in Battlefield 3 before taking a break from the series, but today it makes a return. Players who choose to create a Platoon will be set as the Platoon General and will have control of the application, as well as in-game messages. Platoons look to bring an easier way for you to join up with your friends and get in on the action together. There are new additions to those previously seen, with visual differences the main change. When in a Platoon, squad names will change when most of the squad slots are filled and captured flags will show the Platoon emblem of the squad that has contributed the most towards capturing it. Platoons will be used across each of the Battlefield titles meaning you should find these same changes If you decide to head back to the modern combat of Battlefield 4.

The next feature arriving today is a much needed one in the Battlefield series and comes in the form of the Medic Revive indicator. This is set to help those of us who look to bring our fellow squad mates back by alerting the downed player via an in-game sound. If you’re one of those who is usually unaware of a Medic on route, until you hear your squad mates screaming down the mic, then this is likely to be something of value to you and is definitely something we’re happy to see brought into Battlefield 1.

Of course, not everyone goes into the fight with a squad full of tactical masterminds looking to break the opponent down, and for those trigger-happy players looking for something fresh to pop off enemy heads this update has something for you too.

Today sees four new weapons brought to Battlefield 1 as part of the Class level 10 unlocks with one extra weapon for each class. These weapons include the Hellriegel Defensive, Selbstlader Sniper, Martini-Henry Sniper, and Huot Automatic Optical, and as with the weapons that arrived as part of the first expansion They Shall Not Pass, each of these will require the completion of separate assignments before they become available to use.

Next up is the arrival of Ammo 2.0. After fans voiced their displeasure at the resupply speeds brought into the game via the first expansion, DICE have completely reworked the resupplying in the game. Speeds have been increased for all resupplies and those that utilise the ammo crate will find resupplying three times faster than normal.

After a successful showing during Battlefest, Battlefield Friends has returned. This will allow those without Battlefield Premium to join a friend who has it and take part in content exclusive to Premium owners. Players won’t earn XP on such maps and modes whilst playing as part of Battlefield Friends, but should they decide to buy into the feature in the future then all XP earnt will be awarded that has been accrued.

Finally then – yes there is an end – we have a selection of new ribbons arriving in the game, as well as a ton of new gameplay tweaks and fixes that will help bring Battlefield 1 closer to that perfect experience.

So, there we have it, the Spring update for Battlefield 1 is now available on all platforms and comes in at around 2.5GB. If you’re one of the few who have yet to jump into Battlefield 1, don’t forget to check out our full review, before joining one of the best FPS experiences available.

Are you excited for any of the new Battlefield 1 features? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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