If you were one of the many who held back from getting involved in Battlefield 1 early, then now is your chance to jump into one of the most dynamic battles ever seen.

Available right now is the Standard Edition of Battlefield 1. Priced at £54.99 (with a 10% discount to EA Access members), it comes in considerably cheaper than the Ultimate or Early Enlister editions which dropped into our lives just a few short days ago.

Battlefield 1 is the first big shooter to arrive during this busy period of game releases and EA will surely be hoping that its early arrival allows it to grab the players and fire a shot across the bows of the likes of Call of Duty and, to a lesser extent, Titanfall 2. If you fancy taking part in some huge multiplayer clashes, or put yourself through an epic adventure alone, then you should be making your way to the Xbox Games Store immediately.

Of course, you could always wait for our review. It’s a-comin!

Game Description:

Pre-order and get: • Hellfighter pack, containing themed items inspired by the heroic Harlem Hellfighter infantry regiment. • 7 days early access to the map Battlefield 1 Giant’s Shadow coming in December 2016. Experience the dawn of all-out war only in Battlefield™ 1. Fight your way through epic battles ranging from tight urban combat in a besieged French city to the heavily defended mountain forts in the Italian Alps or frantic combats in the deserts of Arabia. Use innovative weaponry and vehicles as you battle across the land, air and sea, and adapt your tactics to earth-shattering destruction. Discover a world at war through an adventure-filled campaign, or join in epic multiplayer clashes with up to 64 players, in the most dynamic battles in Battlefield history.

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