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Looking to join the cops? Or maybe you’d rather go up against them as part of a criminal fraternity. Whichever it is, you’ll want to experience Battlefield: Hardline and it is now available as a pre-order and pre-download on Xbox One.

Due to release on 20th March 2015, Battlefield Hardline will be coming to both Xbox One and Xbox 360, giving you the chance to experience the action from both sides of the coin. Will you side with the police force or hunt down the cops as a blood thirsty psychopath?

There are two versions available. The ‘Standard Edition’ for £54.99 or the ‘Deluxe Edition’ for £64.99 and which includes the Precision, Versatility and Supression Battlepacks as well as an additional 10 Gold Battlepacks. EA Access members will be able to get 10% off both those prices.

As is always the case, you won’t be able to play the game until it fully releases on 20th March but at least getting in early saves you from the hassle of having to wait a few hours to play it upon release.

Game Description:

Be the law or Break the law in Battlefield™ Hardline. This action-packed blockbuster combines intense signature multiplayer moments of Battlefield with an emotionally charged story and setting reminiscent of a modern television crime drama. In a visceral single-player campaign you’ll play the role of Nick Mendoza, a young detective who embarks on a cross-country vendetta, seeking revenge against once trusted partners on the force. In multiplayer you’ll hunt criminals, raid vaults, and save hostages in new cop and criminal inspired modes like Heist and Rescue.

If you like what you’re reading, then make sure you get pre-ordering Battlefield: Hardline from the Xbox One Games Store now.

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