The EA Access scheme is the gift that just keep giving as Battlefield Hardline joins the ranks of the free to play games that all Access subscribers have, well…access to!

Joining the likes of numerous EA Sports titles, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and Peggle 2, Battlefield Hardline can now be downloaded and played forever more, all for zero cost, as long as you hold a valid EA Access subscription.

Not only that, but the subscription entitles all holders to discounts on all other EA titles and their DLC packs. It pretty much pays for itself and now that Hardline has been included in the Vault, if you don’t currently hold a pass, you should really be thinking about getting involved as a matter of urgency.

Head over to the EA Access App on Xbox One and get your free download of Battlefield Hardline now.


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7 years ago

Wow, what a misleading title! Battlefield Hardline isn’t free thanks to EA Access. What you should have said is BH is now free to EA Access subscribers (you know, as in the people who PAY to get this), hence not free at all. But keep up the propaganda train, you’re doing great there.

Oh and yay, 720p on a next gen console.