newfound courage

We love it when little indie games pop up on our consoles; games that we were otherwise unaware of. But a quick glance across the bows proves that Newfound Courage is one that we should be welcoming with open arms onto Xbox – and not just because it’s picked up some serious acclaim on Steam

Newfound Courage will request you to be gay, to destroy all evil and to save the world, as the narrative focused action adventure begins to play out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Previously having picked up some decent love on Steam since launch in 2019, it’s the Xbox world that should now be embracing this glorious little affair. 

It’s priced at £7.49 and will place you in the shoes of a hero who has fallen in love with their best friend. It’s the town of Silverpine which plays host to this tale; a town which is home to The Vault – a mysterious place of knowledge. Playing out life as Alex, it’ll be up to you to explore The Vault and the world around you, chatting away with those you meet, all whilst trying in vain to make sense of your feelings towards your best friend. 

Don’t just think this is a straight port from PC though. This one comes with a story rewrite, new endings, additional art and music and more, including new combat mechanics.

Newfound Courage sounds and looks the part, and we cannot wait to get involved for full review. Once we’ve been hands-on with the Xbox version, we’ll be sure to let you know our thoughts. 

In the meantime it’s the Xbox Store which will help you take in this adventure. Go and purchase and download it right now. 

Edit: Our full review of Newfound Courage is now live.

Game Description:

Newfound Courage is a narrative focused action-adventure game about a gay hero who falls in love with his best friend while the world unravels around them. Alex’s story starts in the strange cliffside town of Silverpine that is home to The Vault, a mysterious institute containing the knowledge of a long-dead civilisation. Alex must explore The Vault’s many mysteries and help the colourful townsfolk he meets along the way, while learning to understand and accept his feelings for another young man named Jake.

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