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We’re only a little familiar with the Baumkuchen, but what we do know is that the traditional German cake has found much love in the Far East, Japan to be more precise. We also know that it’s the central focus of Cake Invaders, as players are given the chance to protect the Baumkuchen and pretty much save the universe. 

Available to purchase, download and play right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Cake Invaders is a game that combines some tasty tower defense elements with some superb shoot ’em up skills, all combined as one thanks to a cute pixel arted style. 

It’s priced at £4.99 and will have you trying to save humanity and the Baumkuchen from swarms of ever-hungry alien scum. You see, it’s these guys who have travelled the universe looking for tasty treats, settling on the Baumkuchen Cake which is currently onboard your ship. 

Fighting back against all oncomers is the dish of the day here in Cake Invaders, with you utilising a minigun to great effect. Upgrades aplenty come further down the line, as do delightful glowing rainbow streams – this is one highly colourful, viciously vibrant shmup

We’ll be sure to run a full review of Cake Invaders in the days to come, all once we’ve got some proper hands-on time with the game on Xbox Series X|S. It’s that which will determine whether this is worthy of your cash or not. 

You’ll find Cake Invaders on the digital stores of the various gaming formats available across the globe. For us Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players, it’ll be the Xbox Store which is of most interest. Expect to find this one on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch too. 

Game Description:

Shoot to protect humanity’s valuable sweets from hungry alien swarms! The Japanese just love their famous German-inspired Baumkuchen cakes, and hungry invaders from across the universe have discovered these delicious treats too! Are you up to the challenge of protecting the precious desserts from waves of alien attacks? The hungry invaders are approaching one after another, wanting the all-important Baumkuchen Cake carried by your spaceship for themselves. Defend and shoot the invaders with your minigun to protect the Baumkuchen! If you keep defeating the invaders with your minigun, a mysterious Baumkuchen will appear, glowing in rainbow colors! If you shoot and destroy it, you will gain exploding bullets, increase your crew, and more. The further you progress, the more numerous and powerful the invaders will become, and the more Baumkuchen will eventually be consumed. Will you lead your crew to sweet survival?

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