drone gladiator

Gladiators, ready! Forget about the travelator, dismiss the need to hang tough and put the pain of the duel to one side. This isn’t about the power of one human against another, nope, Drone Gladiator is all about the era of the robots. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (with full next gen optimisation in place for Series X|S alongside Smart Delivery which will mean you’re playing the finest game no matter what your console), Drone Gladiator takes what we knew and loved about the Gladiator scene from previous, and builds upon it with new tech and robot fighters. 

It’s priced at £4.19 and will see you thrown onto the most inhospitable of all planets as you control a drone and attempt to prove yourself as the finest combatant in the galaxy. Taking charge of this drone – and upgrading it with various modules, abilities and skills as you go – you’ll discover that multiple foes and giant bosses will be put up against you, attempting to make you prove your worth. 

Do so, be victorious and understand what is needed of a drone and the multiple events at hand, and success will be yours. Fail, and it’ll be worse than sliding down the travelator at the end of a gruelling session. 

Should you be looking to become the champion of the land, and think you have a bit of robo-brutality about you, then you’ll find the download of Drone Gladiator on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S present and correct at the Xbox Store

Go and get that download moving. 

And if you want to know more? We’re on the review train…

Game Description:

Distant future… New era of gladiators battle shows has come, era of robots! And you have a chance to participate in it! Drone Gladiator is an arena shooter, where you upgrade your drone, fight giant bosses and participate in random events. You will be send to the abandoned planet as one of the participants of the show. Your goal is to survive as long as possible, fighting hordes of robots and their generals. Upgrade your drone with different modules: distance weapons, melee weapons, shields, ability and tech modules. Choose what fits your playstyle. Take the challenge and come out victorious from a machine-oil bath with deadly robots! Become a champion of the show, full of robo-brutality. Morituri machina te salutant!

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