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Always wanted to see what a duck would be like in the ring? Well, with the launch of Duck Life: Battle on Xbox One you’ll get that very opportunity.

Available to purchase and download right now, Duck Life: Battle is the latest super cheap title to flood the digital shelves of the Xbox Store for Xbox One, releasing in order to let gamers channel their inner duck and create, train, and equip the ultimate feathered fighter until it becomes king of the ring.

Running with a price point of just £4.19, for the price of a beer you’ll get the opportunity to take your ducky fighter into battle against other ducks, wandering the world ahead, entering tournaments and completing objectives in order to ensure that they get to hold the crown of greatest duck battler of all time.

In order for success to come the way of your duck though you’ll need to put the little guy through his paces. 25 mini-games are in place and by partaking in these you’ll be able to increase your duck’s power, speed, health levels, defensive abilities and special attacks. In fact, it’ll only be by raising these to levels that no duck has ever gone to before will a champion duck be made.

Tempted by the premise of Duck Life: Battle? Reckon the low price allows this to be worthy of a punt? Pop yourself over to the Xbox Store and ensure Duck Life: Battle on Xbox One is yours. And let us know in the comments what you think of it.

We’ll have a little review for you soon too. Should you not be able to part with £4 before reading some more about this battler, then make sure you keep a beady eye out for it. We’re not sure it has what is needed to take the fight to the likes of Mortal Kombat 11 – but you never know.

Game Description:

The ducks are back, but this time they’re angrier. Forget racing, now it’s time to battle! NO FEATHER WILL BE LEFT UNRUFFLED! Create, train and equip your duck fighter and watch it waddle its way to the top Train your duck’s power, health, defence, speed, and special attack abilities in 25 brand new mini games. Explore the world battling other ducks, entering tournaments and completing quests to become the greatest duck battler of all time.

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