BURN xbox Press Conference

Convict Games previously came to the fore with the Aussie Stoner Noir STONE, but now they are taking a different tact, preparing to deliver a pop star tragedy to Xbox and PC with BURN.

Due to hit Xbox and PC through Steam in 2022, BURN tells the tale of Nina BURN, the biggest pop star in the world who is at the turning point of their career. You see, BURN takes this narrative and runs with it, offering players the opportunity to involve themselves in a pop star tale that comes with more than 16 different endings.

It’ll be by replaying the game where you’ll discover the chance to take in the difference choices, unlocking the full story and endings in the process. And yes, this is a story game in which everyone can finish it, sold as Convict Games’ most interactive event to date.

Those choices for Nina BURN are plentiful. Will you change pop music? Grow tentacles? Retire? Sell out? Start a cult? It’ll be up to YOU to decide how to play this out, and you can be sure that you’ll BURN in the process.

About BURN:

  • Nina BURN a Finnish pop star over 3 Acts from her DEBUT at 17, ESTABLISHMENT at 24 and CLIMAX at 27 via shuffled moments from her life which give insight into Nina on every replay of the story. BURN is an interactive story game where your dialogue choices change Nina’s style, her dialogue, the soundtrack and results in an ending from 16 potential outcomes. Players can choose to be “HUMBLE” or “ARROGANT”, which pushes Nina’s story to either a lighter or darker outcome ranging from GOOD, BAD and UGLY.

“BURN is a character study and reflection of how far someone can go for their art and the cost of fame’” said writer, director and Chief Convict Greg Louden of Convict Games. “We’ve been working on BURN since the COVID lockdown started in February 2020 tapping into our passion for the stories of the music industry, pop stars, body horror and classic music cinema and documentaries”.

BURN will be a purely interactive story; one in which your only interaction will be through choosing your dialogue choices and certain interactables. Keeping the vibe that was initially found in STONE, this will deliver more impacts on the story for players to discover and decipher. Nina’s story will not just provide gamers with the chance to move through a 3D adventure game, but rather something entirely new with a series of high quality animations with voice-over that adjust based on your choices across the game.

There’s some uniqueness here too – in BURN you don’t ever hear the music Nina creates and the world worships. Instead it features a composed soundtrack of multiple genres by Joonas Turner creator of Tormentor X Punisher and audio from Broforce, Noita, Nuclear Throne and more with genres ranging from Dark ambient, Techno, Black Metal, Berlin post-wave, Russian sci-fi ambience and Hip Hop that scores your story. There’s a bit of everything in fact and so every time the story is shuffled the composed score will change genres as well, giving a different atmosphere that gets lighter or darker based on your choices and replays. On unlocking each genre players can choose that score for their future replay to see the full story.

Further, BURN also features an open map to explore and a drive-in cinema which will be playing full length-public domain classic films – to be revealed – as seen in STONE.

We’ll be sure to bring you as much as we can on BURN in the weeks and months ahead.

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