If you’re bored of the usual tracks found in the huge Rocksmith library, then you should be more than excited to see another three pack of tunes make themselves available for purchase…especially when you find out that the tracks in question are from Evanescence.

The American rockers have today seen three more of their songs arrive in the Rocksmith library. If you’re a fan of the band, or jsut need some new stuff to rock out to, then you should be heading into the library and downloading the following right now.

  • My Immortal
  • Going Under
  • Everbody’s Fool

As always, the tracks listed above are available for £2.39 each, or as part of the Evanescence Song Pack for £6.59. The Xbox Games Store or Playstation equivalent can sort you out with the content. Get rocking!

If you haven’t yet checked out Rocksmith, then why not hit up our full review of the Xbox One version? It’s well worth a read.

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