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You just have to look at the visuals to understand what Circuit Superstars is all about. Whilst the world may be beginning to go crazy for the Forza Horizon 5 hype, Circuit Superstars pops up on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and on PC through Steam to deliver an altogether different, rather delightful little racing experience. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, Circuit Superstars has been created by those at Original Fire Games, pushed out to the masses via Square Enix and their Collective scheme to ensure fans of top-down racing are well catered for. 

Also due to hit PS4 and Switch at some point in the future, Circuit Superstars has been created by racing fans, for the racing fans. It brings a host of different motorsport genres together as one as players get the opportunity to take to the track and prove their worth. Single seaters are present, as is a bit of GT Racing, some SuperTruck silliness and more, with real-world stars such as Lando Norris and Romain Grosjean helping you out along the way. 

There’s even integration of the Top Gear Test Track for good measure as players can hit up 19 tracks spread across 13 locations. Multiple game modes are also present, as is split screen local multiplayer action, with online opportunities awaiting those who think they have the skills needed to succeed. 

There is an absolute ton going on in Circuit Superstars on Xbox and PC, with all of the following sitting as a key feature…

  • Feel the tires meet the road – Tactile handling model that lets you feel the tires bite into the asphalt.
  • Celebrating Motorsport – Race vehicles across multiple motorport disciplines including Rallycross, Open wheel single seaters, SuperTrucks, GT racing, Eurotrucks and many more.
  • Pit Stop Strategies – Featuring tire degradation, fuel consumption, and damage, Circuit Superstars challenges you to dynamically choose your pit stop strategy during the race.
  • Online Multiplayer – Dive into specially curated online multiplayer races of up to 12 players from around the globe.
  • Weekly Time Trials – Every hundredth of a second counts! Challenge your friends and the rest of the world in regularly updated Time Trials events.
  • Grand Prix Master – all disciplines by conquering each of the single player tournaments designed for all 12 categories. Always a worthy rival Compete against 5 different AI difficulties to challenge you on your path to mastery on the world of Circuit Superstars.
  • Free Play Mode – Create your own race events or tournaments and play vs AI or with your friends in local multiplayer.
  • The Garage – Customize your cars and driver with liveries, helmets and victory celebrations you unlock as you level up!
  • Ready Your Engines! – 12 vehicles to choose from, each with their own unique handling models.
  • I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost – Global ghosts let you see how players around the world are tackling each track, including the celebrity drivers from Top Gear x Circuit Superstars Star in a Reasonably Fast Car Invitational 2021!
  • Location Location Location – Race in 19 tracks across 13 vibrant locations.
  • Race Replays – Replays let you re-watch your races to see your epic overtakes or study your racing lines and those of your opponents.
  • Create your Story – Use a variety of Replay cameras to view your experiences on the track from different angles that bring you close to the action!
  • Split Screen Local Multiplayer – Challenge up to three of your mates and skillful AI to single races or create your own tournaments!
  • Top Gear Time Attack – Take on a different kind of challenge with Circuit Superstars’ recreation of the world-famous Top Gear Test Track! Go up against drivers from a whole range of real-life motorsport series’ as well as top eSports stars and see if you can beat them. Practice with your heroes to perfect your racing lines and look great while doing so with the special Stig costume!
  • Built by Motor racing fans, for Motor Racing Fans – A lifetime of racing experience inspired the developers to build the racing world of Circuit Superstars. The developers grew up on the pitlane, the paddock and the racetrack, living and loving the entirety of motorsport.

Phil Elliott, Head of Square Enix Collective says: “CIRCUIT SUPERSTARS is a wonderful representation of how developers can combine a deep love of motorsport and of gaming to create something special for both communities. CIRCUIT SUPERSTARS is unique in how it offers charming, relaxed gaming to some players, as well as a challenging, rewarding racing simulation to others, all in the same game.”
Alberto Mastretta, Founder & Creative Director at Original Fire Games says: “Launching CIRCUIT SUPERSTARS is a huge accomplishment for us as a new studio, and we are so excited to release it today. This project has meant the world to us – motorsport has been a significant source of joy throughout our lives, and we have formed bonds with friends and family in physical and virtual race tracks. We have put everything we have into paying homage to the sport we love, to bring those same meaningful experiences to players.”
Carolina Mastretta, Founder & Studio Lead at Original Fire Games further added “Seeing incredible drivers like Lando Norris, Romain Grosjean, Jamie Chadwick and many others resonate with our game is a huge honour, it fuels our energy to keep building on what we’ve created so far. We’re excited to be on the track with all of you, sharing those special moments, and celebrating the world of motorsport together!” 

We’re going to be getting hands-on with Circuit Superstars as soon as is humanly possible, mostly as we can’t keep ourselves away from those glorious visuals. We’ll drop some review thoughts as and when we can but in the meantime you’d do well to hit up the Xbox Store and grab a copy of the game right now. £15.74 seems a super tempting price to pay. 

Game Description:

CIRCUIT SUPERSTARS is a top-down racer built by racing fans, for racing fans. The game celebrates generations of multi-disciplinary motorsport, focusing on driving that feels great – but with a high skill ceiling, that will have players spending hours honing their perfect lap. Starting out is simple but learning the nuances of each car’s handling and finding the best racing line through each corner of each track will be a challenge for a long time to come. Not only that, but with the option of fuel usage, tire degradation and racing damage, even a good pit stop strategy could make the difference between hero and zero.

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