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Ready to take in a gaming experience that is slightly different to the norm? Fed up with all the Triple-A titles and just want to experience some simple gameplay? Think you can become the savior of the mushroom folk? Mushroom Savior is now available on Xbox One.

Priced at £4.19 – with a launch discount taking that down to £3.14 – Mushroom Savior is a cheap, relatively cheerful, super simple gaming experience, as the Flying Island Team task you with becoming the saving face of the mushroom lands. And yes, if that sounds familiar, it does look VERY similar to Mushroom Quest from 2019.

What this boils down to is you against the evil tree; for it is he/she/they who have kidnapped the harmless mushroom folk, imprisoning them in a dungeon. As is standard in most video games, it’s up to you to break them up – but it won’t be easy. 

Navigating through this deadly dungeon and saving your friends is the order of the day, and you’ll need to get past all manner of obstacles, traps, blockades, portals and more. With a fully interactive environment allowing you to push boxes, play with teleportation devices and more, expect to be found working with numerous puzzles. 

We’re not going to be looking at something that is Game of the Year material, but if you are in the market for a fun little escape from the usual fare, then the low price point of Mushroom Savior from the Xbox Store certainly makes it one to consider. It’s definitely tempted us in so keep an eye out for our review in the days and weeks ahead. It promises to be a bit of a meditative adventure, so we’ll be sure to let you know if that statement pans out.

Game Description:

The evil tree kidnapped the mushroom folk and imprisoned them in the dungeon. Help the mushroom king to rescue his people. Make your way through the dangerous dungeon, save the mushrooms and defeat the evil tree!

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