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For something so popular it’s strange that the gaming world has yet to fully embrace that of the drone. Yes, we’ve had the opportunity in many futuristic shooters to take command of a drone, but as yet we haven’t had the chance to show off our piloting skills to the world. Until now that is, as DCL – The Game launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Available right this minute as a downloadable experience on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, DCL – The Game first came on to our radar just a few short weeks back, confirmed alongside a competitor (Liftoff: Drone Racing which will release later this year), and finally allowing gamers the chance to properly embrace the drone scene.

Priced at £34.99, DCL – The Game will see us taking on the journey of becoming a Drone Racing Champion, going from utter zero to outright hero in the process. Created thanks to a collaboration between THQ Nordic and the Drone Champions League AG, Drone Racing Champion promises to cater for all – no matter whether you are an utter newbie to the drone world, or already think of yourself as a fully fledged racing pilot.

“With DCL – The Game we are finally able to transfer the real operations of Drone Champions League into a game simulation. We are very excited to offer the gaming community the gateway to eventually become a professional drone pilot and compete in real life DCL events down the line.”, says Herbert Weirather, CEO and founder of the Drone Champions League.

“THQ Nordic is very happy to support this project. DCL – The Game offers an amazing opportunity to learn how to fly a drone. And it’s not only a pure simulation – it’s fun, too.”, says Jan Binsmaier, Publishing Director THQ Nordic.

As you will probably not be surprised to hear, DCL – The Game will see us taking charge of some crazy fast drones, authentically created to ensure that this experience gets as close to being a proper drone racing sim as can possibly be. With three different flight modes in place – free flight, time attack and online multiplayer – and no less than 27 different track layouts to nail, this is certainly something that is going to keep the drone enthusiast busy for some time.

Thankfully though four different game difficulty levels will allow all to play – Arcade mode which is perfect for beginners, GPS mode which is just like your good old camera drone, Angle mode which throws on some much needed stabilisation and full on Acro mode which will cater for the pros.


  • Qualify for real life drone racing events like the Drone Champions League (DCL)
  • Play online with pilots all over the world in multi-player mode for up to 30 people
  • For taking the first steps in FPV. For freestyle pilots. For camera drone operators. For drone racing pilots.
  • 27 tracks with additional tracks available online
  • Highly realistic flight physics in three set ups – keeping competition balanced
  • Earn and unlock over 60 drone skins and trails

As always should you wish to get involved then some proper hardcore drone racing could be used by hitting up the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or that of PC. Keep an eye out for our review too – it’ll be live real soon.

Game Description:

Experience first-hand the world of a professional drone pilot! DCL combines the adventure of free flight with the thrill of high speed racing. Choose between different flight modes that guide new players from novice flyers to professional drone pilots. Do you have what it takes? DCL The Game is the official videogame of Drone Champions League – the world’s leading championship for professional drone racing teams.

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