the unicorn princess xbox one

At some point in time chances are you would have wanted to become a unicorn Princess. Well, today is your lucky day, for the chance to play out your dreams and fantasies with The Unicorn Princess on Xbox One is now doable.

Available to download from the Xbox Store for Xbox One this very minute, The Unicorn Princess offers the opportunity for many to live out their dreams, pushing your into a world that you never thought you’d be able to visit, and becoming best friends with Unica the unicorn.

Priced at a rather hefty £34.99, The Unicorn Princess on Xbox One will deliver you the chance to push through 15 varying missions that are spread across two wonderful worlds, letting you full explore a huge open world, all on the back of one of six differing horses. And whilst the entire horse riding experience may not be able to hold a light to the brilliant Red Dead Redemption II – quite possibly playing out more along the lines of My Little Riding Champion instead – if you like horses, unicorns, or over-priced video games, then The Unicorn Princess on Xbox One will suit.

Drop in a number of customisation options letting you create the character and horse you wish to see, and the opportunity to help Unica save her world is quite possibly an intriguing one.

Should you wish to give it a shot and have always dreamt of messing around with Unicorns or becoming a full-on Princess, then The Unicorn Princess on Xbox One can be downloaded this minute from the Xbox Store. Let us know in the comments below if – and why – you’ll be giving it a chance. You’ll also find the game on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Game Description:

From your village, the Dream World is just a step away! Befriend Unica the unicorn while exploring the real world and the world of dreams. You’re the only one who can help Unica save her world!

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