The tower defense shooter that is X-Morph: Defense has today got itself a bit of an expansion, one that brings not only the European Assault addition, but an all-new Survival mode too.

Available right now for just £3.99 on Xbox One and PC, the first premium piece of DLC for X-Morph Defense delivers a decent reason for fans of the base game to get their tower defense hit once more.


Dropping alongside a huge update which brings the highly requested Survival mode to the game as well, you can expect to find pretty much double the amount of gameplay content available.

European Assault features a brand new, high-impact, story-driven mini campaign that takes place in parallel to the events of the twin stick shooting main game. As the invading X-Morph, you will get the chance to face-off against the formidable General Duncan Clarke in Finland and Holland, before an explosive showdown ends proceedings at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

Whether you’re an X-Morph veteran or new to the game, the new content will challenge players as General Clarke employs new advanced tactics and weaponry in the field – including an orbital Frostbite Cannon and the European Massive Assault Vehicle he calls the Rhinocharger – in a bid to quash the alien threat.

The Survival Mode meanwhile features 10 new levels of intense, endless gameplay, delivering tons of replay value. A brand new leaderboard system will encourage the most fierce of competition and with a focus on rapid-fire decision making, players must adapt quickly to the destructible environment in a bid to defend their cores against a never-ending onslaught of incoming enemies.

You can grab the X-Morph Defense: European Assault DLC by visiting your favourite digital store right now. PS4 owners will need to wait until the 28th March.

Don’t forget to have a read of our full review of X-Morph Defense on Xbox One too.

DLC Description:

This add-on includes a new story-driven mini-campaign happening on the European front. The action takes place parallel to the main story campaign. It focuses on European military forces trying to repel the X-Morph invasion. Wreak havoc across Finland and Holland before concluding in an epic, destruction-fuelled showdown at the Eiffel Tower in France. European defense forces use new experimental weapons that force the X-Morph to adapt and improvise new defense tactics.

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