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As if to remind us that Game Pass isn’t only for the Xbox, a new game springs up today, one that is solely on PC Game Pass. The game in question is Roboquest, and it’s ready to play today for anyone with a subscription. 

Roboquest is a hyper-colourful FPS from RyseUp Studios, best known for their VR output, like The Burning Descent and Winter Break. It’s playable solo or in co-op, and it attempts to fuse the roguelike genre to the more traditional arena shooter. 

The artists have clearly been playing a lot of Borderlands, and probably have a Claptrap model or two on their desks. This is cel-shaded within an inch of its life, and it’s full of robotic character and backchatting. You play a young scavenger girl called Max who comes upon a Guardian Robot and does what we all would do: hop inside and start holding back a badbot invasion with dual-wielded rocket launchers. 

It looks like there is a hefty arsenal of guns here, and they look and feel appropriately powerful. The robot, too, might look a bit unwieldy, but it’s actually incredibly mobile and can move across a level at speed. With those two working in concert, it should be easy to take down waves of robots, unlocking upgrades for both you and your home base. There’s a deep crafting system here too, allowing you to make the guns that you use. 

Since Roboquest is (not yet) announced and confirmed for the Xbox (although we’re very much expecting it to arrive on Game Preview at some point), we won’t be carrying a review, but consider this a public-service announcement that it’s ready for you on PC, via the power of PC Game Pass

There are still a few more games to come to Game Pass in February too. There’s Galactic Civilizations III (PC) and Super Mega Baseball 3 (Console) on February 24th, and Alice: Madness Returns (PC) on February 28th. And then March will be with us, with a slew of new titles no doubt. 

Are you planning on giving Roboquest a test drive? Let us know in the comments below, or on our socials.

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