Everyone loves free games. Whether classic Xbox One titles or new releases, free games take the pressure off players’ wallets and give them a taste of new titles.

Free-to-play games also let people experiment with different genres because there’s no financial risk involved. Gamers can even leave their consoles and try free games online through PC or mobile, such as poker, slots, and more. Changing devices and genres usually gives gamers a fresh perspective and challenges them to broaden their horizons. It also makes them appreciate their favourite consoles more.

For Xbox lovers, the last few years have delivered some excellent free games to try. Below is a list of the most popular free Xbox games in 2022.

Halo Infinite

Released in 2021, Halo Infinite is entirely free. It’s also one of the most exciting multiplayer games on the market, paid games included. With gadgets like the grapple shot and the pulsar shield, even seasoned Halo players can discover new tricks and techniques to defeat opponents.

Halo Infinite uses Xbox’s capabilities to the fullest. The graphics are crystal clear with a 120 fps frame rate, even as grenades are blasting all over the screen. 343 Industries’ dedication shows in Halo Infinite’s dynamic gameplay. And such effort has not gone unnoticed. The title won the Player’s Voice Award for Best Game in 2021.

Bless Unleashed

While science-fiction fans love a good round of Halo, fantasy lovers can’t get enough of Bless Unleashed. Gamers can explore the serene meadows, chat with the charming townsfolk, and battle monsters; Bless Unleashed offers gamers the best of both worlds as an action-packed sandbox game.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends takes place years after the frontier war depicted in its sister series, Titanfall. Gamers compete against the universe’s best athletes in gladiator-like battles called “the Apex Games.” The dystopia-inspired game features fascinating characters, from robot ninjas to rebel warlords. 

Competing against household names like Fortnite, Apex Legends shakes up the battle royale genre in an unexpected way. Instead of the typical single shooter campaign, gamers must work in trios. Twenty teams have to compete for the top position to win. 

Despite many players’ initial doubts, the three-player team has become a beloved dynamic. It’s also responsible for establishing valuable online friendships. 


Last but not least, Fortnite still reigns strong years after its 2017 release. However, in the five years it’s existed, the game has slightly departed from its battle royale origins. While players can still go on fun shoot-outs, Fortnite has transformed into its own metaverse. 

The title has integrated pop culture into its gameplay by hosting live concerts, exclusive film trailers, and celebrity appearances. It also encourages gamers to get creative with character customization. Fortnite’s in-game marketplace has bustled with activity in the past few years, especially when it comes to skins. Some cost as much as a thousand dollars, proving to be more profitable than anyone ever thought possible. 

Fortnite’s innovations appear to have paid off because of its exponential growth and global recognition. With the rise of the metaverse, it’ll be interesting to see how the game-turned-platform develops in the years to come.