CS:GO is one of the most popular online first-person shooter games out there. While there are many reasons behind its popularity, one of the primary reasons is the customizable visual appearance of weapons. Weapon skins in CS:GO became instantly popular the moment they were released. One of the most popular selections of skins is popularly called Kawaii.

Kawaii stands for CS:GO weapon skins inspired by Japanese culture and anime. The official name of the collection is the Rising Sun Collection, but in the CS:GO community, they are known as Kawaii or simply Anime skins. 

If you want to start building your CS:GO anime inventory, here are some of the best Kawaii skins you should know about.

Crimson Tsunami Galil AR 

Let’s start with something that screams anime – a tsunami. Galil is one of the most favorite weapons in the CS:GO. Its fans can now add anime motives to it thanks to Crimson Tsunami Galil AR skin. This Kawaii skin, as the name suggests, adds a tsunami to Galil. It also has a crimson overdrop to make things even more enjoyable.

The urban legend has it that the Crimson Tsunami designers used the famous piece of Japanese art. It appears that the skin resembles “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” to such a great extent that it’s hardly unintentional. Collectors have the option to acquire it via CSGO gambling.

Bamboo Forest Tec-9

Bamboo Forest Tec-9 is one of the most popular Kawaii skins from the Rising Sun collection. It was designed to make a weapon appear as if it was colored using bamboo forest leaves. It perfectly suits a weapon and makes it look even more attractive.

Due to its minimalistic design, you can use it with other Kawaii weapon skins to achieve the ultimate look. 

Disco Mac-10

Do you remember the funky colors in the Magic Girls and Kare Kano high school romance anime shows? Disco Mac-10 features the same colors. It is a perfect skin for players who want to be seen from miles away. 

The blue, purple, yellow, pink, and green colors make this skin unique and the most visually unique Kawaii skin on the market. 

Hydroponic AK-47

If you are looking for minimalistic Kawaii skin, check out Hydroponic AK-47. It’s one of those skins that can add unique features to an AK-47 without altering its default model to a great extent. Hydroponic AK-47 comes with a non-invasive color scheme.

It has a woodland backdrop which makes it great for combination with other skins such as the Tec-9 Bamboo Forest skin we’ve already mentioned. 

Oni Taiji AWP

Would you like to decorate your AWP with a mosaic that looks like it was made from glass? Oni Taiji is a Kawaii skin for AWP. It doesn’t get more Japanese than with this skin. It features a male character who is obviously a samurai.

The character is in the fighting position with the sword in his right hand, ready to strike – just like you feel when fishing for enemies on the other side of your AWP scope.

Kumicho Dragon Deagle 

Do you enjoy close-quarter combat and love to pull out your Deagle to finish off your enemies? If only there were an anime-inspired Deagle skin to declare your allegiance to the Japanese culture. Look no more – Kumicho Dragon Kawaii skin for Deagle will make your dreams come true.

Inspired by the famous Japanese dragon tattoos, Kumicho Dragon skin will turn your Deagle into a true anime weapon. The skin covers both the body of the gun and handle. It features white inscriptions of a flying dragon.

Bloodsport AK-47

Bloodsport AK-47 is one of those Kawaii skins able to completely change the look of the AK-47. If you enjoy playing with this gun, Bloodsport AK-47 is the anime skin you were looking for. It features an attractive design with a dominant red color. 

The skins add the word strike to the front of the gun, written in a style that resembles the famous SEGA font. The skin also introduces various female characters to make the mix interesting. Additional emblems and Japanese writing make the skin complete. 

Akihabara Accept AUG

If you are looking for the most anime-esque Kawaii skin in CS:GO, you should definitely check Akihabara Accept AUG. The skin is colorful and comes in really eye-catching colors. It will help you make your weapon unique and easily recognizable. Definitely a skin you should have if you want to draw the attention of your fellow players. 

Akihabara Accept AUG features a female anime character emerging from a beautiful background that showcases Japanese writing. If you are an anime fan, this skin will help you easily declare the moment you join a server.

Bullet Queen Glock 

Bullet Queen Glock was introduced with the release of the Prisma 2 Case. The design concept is fresh, and it will make your Glock look super cool. If you like to use your Glock to silence other players, the female character or Bullet Queen with a finger covering her mouth suggesting “keep quiet” will undoubtedly fit in in your role.

The primary color of the skin is yellow, while the female character brings in other colors to make the skin more lively. 

Player Two M4A1

Player Two M3A1 was always a popular skin. However, its popularity spiked with the bullet count update. It makes the M4A1 weapon appear as if the male character in the Counter-Terrorist uniform on the skin is firing it. It’s one of the most interesting Kawaii skins out there. The male character even has a dog. The skin introduces it on the M4A1 magazine. 

In the background, you can see cartoonish human skulls, smoke, and explosions. If you want your M4A1 to appear as an active shooting scene, this skin will make it happen for you. There’s so much going on! 


These 10 Kawaii skins encaptivated the CS:GO community, especially those interested in Japanese art and anime shows. As you can see, each one of these skins features something unique. If you are starting to build your Kawaii skins collection in CS:GO, you should consider acquiring the best skins first.