With the release of the X/S series as part of the 9th generation of video game consoles, Microsoft announced its intentions on taking Playstation’s throne. Sony’s Playstation 5 may be the king right now, but thanks to features such as Game Pass and the powerful hardware inside, Xbox may take that crown soon.

Some of the best sports games are much better to experience on Xbox than PS. Whether it’s basketball, football, golf, or American Football, there’s a game for each category available on Game Pass. Many of these are wildly popular in the world of sports with many betting sites Denmark offering huge odds.

Regardless of your sport of choice, we’ll list the best video games available for Xbox in 2021 below.

Madden 21

EA has been highly criticized for not improving the gameplay on the Madden series every year, but that has changed in 2021. The latest release in the long-running instalment has brought welcome changes and gameplay additions that make it a fantastic game for Xbox. The new skill stick and the revamped tackling as well as other additions have made Madden 21 the best American Football game in years.

NBA 2K21

Similar to EA’s Madden, 2K’s NBA series was under fire for the minor annual changes. The 2K21 edition has been exclusively released on new generation consoles including Xbox, bringing with it a slew of improvements. This is the new NBA 2K game others will build upon. It offers immersive gameplay, a new shooting mechanic, and other improvements that help it keep the basketball sim crown on Xbox.


While Pro Evolution Soccer can make a case for football sim king, FIFA 21 still rules this niche. The newest Xbox release has improved various areas of the game including attacking, dribbling, and positioning. It makes for quite an exciting game of football you can play online or locally with your friends. With dozens of game modes available, it’s more than enough to keep Xbox players satisfied until next year.

NHL 21

NHL is a legendary EA video game that gets better every year. It’s probably the most graphically advanced and detailed sports video game for Xbox, and offers fans a rock-solid NHL experience that we can’t get enough of. This year, the single player campaign has added a new thrilling mode called Be A Pro. It’s one of the most exciting aspects of the game that allows players to start as a prospect that’ll become a legend. If you’re into ice hockey and the NHL, you won’t find a better sim than this.