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Best Valorant Boosting Services – Top 10


Boosting is a practice that keeps growing in popularity every day, with hundreds of players purchasing elo boosts as their path to high elo in Valorant.

Given the sheer number of boosting sites nowadays and the popularity of boosting as a whole, it’s crucial to find the right place where you can reach high elo with ease. 

#1 Turboboost

Overall grade – 9.5/10

Booster Quality – 10/10

Since all of their boosters are high Immortal or Radiant players who rank in the top 0.1% on respective servers, there is no doubt when it comes to the quality of their boosting service. All of their boosters embark on a rigorous selection process before they’re allowed to boost on this website.

The price – 9/10

When it comes to the balance between price and the quality you receive when you purchase a boost, Turboboost is the best place to get your money’s worth. That being said, if you’re looking for a low-quality boost for a very small amount of money, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Trustworthiness – 10/10

Turboboost is one of the most trusted boosting websites out there, with hundreds of flawless reviews praising their service.

Customer service – 9/10

Their pleasant and helpful customer care is one of the best features of their business. If you have any problems, it is extremely simple to contact their staff, and they will take care of them quickly and effectively. However, it can be difficult to get proper help if you don’t speak English, as their website is only designed to support the English language and it’s catered to English speakers.

Options/Flexibility – 10/10

It’s very easy to find the perfect boosting option for your needs because the website supports a lot of different customization options available on every server. In addition, you can create a custom boosting experience by contacting their staff members or their support team or find experienced coaches that can coach you to take your game to the next level.

Security – 10/10

Your money is in safe hands when you’re purchasing at Turboboost, as they support secure payment channels upon checkout.

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#2 EB24

Overall grade – 6/10

Booster Quality – 3/10

When it comes to the quality of EB24’s boosters, it’s a mixed bag overall. Their boosters are very skilled, but also very unfriendly, both to the customer and the teammates they’re playing with during the boosting process. This type of behavior can risk a restriction to your account or even get you banned.

The price – 7/10

Luckily, the prices on EB24 are very affordable and they pride themselves upon the fact that their service is cheaper than the most boosting websites out there.

Trustworthiness – 5/10

EB24 has a long-standing legacy of completed orders and they’re certainly one of the biggest boosting websites out there. That being said, the toxicity of their boosters is one of the biggest reasons why people tend to choose other boosting providers instead of them.

Customer service – 8/10

It’s very easy to find help on the website as it boasts a live chat option where you can contact their staff easily and get a swift response.

Options/Flexibility – 7/10

The website, apart from the regular boosting options and its appropriate customizations, also provides coaching and account trading options for its customers.

Security – 5/10

While you can’t pay with PayPal, there are certain options that protect your privacy such as paying with Crypto.

#3 ValorBoosting

Overall grade – 5.5

Booster Quality – 6/10

Valor boosting employs solid boosters that will get the job done without much fuss, and you’ll be able to contact those boosters throughout the process. Their website boasts an interactive dashboard where you can follow the progress of your boost, adjust it, and text your booster. One of the negatives when it comes to their boosters is the fact that they’ll sometimes disobey your instructions when it comes to some intricacies such as agent selection.

The price – 7/10

Most of the prices are well below market value, especially if you’re lucky enough to snatch one of their discount codes that will reduce the price further, which is very useful if you’re on a tight budget.

Trustworthiness – 6/10

The website is genuine when it comes to their services which is indicated by the genuine reviews displayed on their website, most of which are positive. In addition, you can check out the boosting history of their previously completed boosts.

Customer service – 6/10

You can message customer service directly through their website or email them. However, this process occasionally takes a while which can leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Options/Flexibility – 5/10

When it comes to their customization options, ValorBoosting offers the common options that you’ll find on the majority of these websites. However, their unique offer lies in that they offer a free demo game where you can decide if their boosting services fit you or not before purchasing.

Security – 3/10

A lot of customers will be disappointed with the fact that the website doesn’t allow PayPal or Crypto payments which are the ones that protect your privacy the most.

#4 G2G

Overall grade – 4.5/10

Booster Quality – 5/10

Given the nature of the website, when it comes to the quality of the boosting services on G2G, you can expect just about anything. It all comes down to the individual booster you end up choosing for your boost and how good they are in the game.

The price – 6/10

While there are some blatant rip-offs when it comes to some of the sellers on the website, you can also find some great bargains provided by some smaller sellers who have just started their businesses.

Trustworthiness – 2/10

Sadly, the lack of trustworthiness is the main concern when it comes to this website and its services in general. Plenty of their reviews suggest that some of the sellers on the website have dodgy business practices involving scamming.

Customer service – 3/10

Instead of a live support crew or a reliable method of contacting them, the website features an automatic FAQ that does very little to make it easy for you to find a solution in a sticky situation.

Options/Flexibility – 7/10

Given that the website has plenty of individual sellers offering their services, you’re bound to find the right boosting option catered to your needs.

Security – 3/10

The lack of security is paired up with the lack of trustworthiness when it comes to the safety of your money as well as your account

#5 Overgear

Overall grade – 4.5/10

Booster Quality – 5/10

Overgear has qualified boosters that are mostly ranked Immortal and Radiant on their respective accounts. That being said, some of them take a while to boost an account if you don’t adopt a strict boosting schedule.

The price – 4/10

Depending on the type of boost you’re after, the price can be very affordable or a complete rip-off. You can usually find good deals on high-elo boosting while low-elo boosting costs more than what competitors usually charge.

Trustworthiness – 3/10

While the majority of their reviews are positive, some of the negative reviews that are still up accuse the website of frequently deleting bad reviews in order to keep a clean image.

Customer service – 2/10

Overgear is supported by a live chat embedded in the website, but it takes forever to get a response that often redirects you to a different communication channel instead of actually responding.

Options/Flexibility – 6/10

This website is very flexible when it comes to their offer, especially once you factor in the option to rent a booster to play for a specific number of games. Additionally, there are options to hire a booster to complete a specific mission or reach an achievement.

Security – 7/10

Fortunately, the website supports numerous secure payment methods, one of which is PayPal.

#6 Funpay

Overall grade – 4/10

Booster Quality – 3/10

Funpay is a marketplace where you can find various different boosters offering their services. As a result, the quality of said boosters is highly dependant on which one you end up choosing. That being said, there are quite a lot of boosters that are not up to the job and that will take too long to complete the order.

The price – 6/10

Much like the quality of their services, the prices on this website are dependant on the booster you end up choosing. There are a plenty of great bargains you can come across while browsing the website and exploring the different boosters that work there.

Trustworthiness – 5/10

The trustworthiness regarding the website solely depends on the individual booster you choose. Some of the boosters are completely unfit to be boosting while others are experts and will boost you with ease. Luckily, you can visit each booster’s profile and check out their reviews before you make a decision.

Customer service – 2/10

One of the biggest concerns of the customers that have used this website is the fact that the customer service is slow and often unhelpful.

Options/Flexibility – 6/10

Given that there are so many sellers on the website, you’re bound to find the right type of boost that suits you. In addition, a lot of sellers offer custom boosts if you don’t mind messaging them privately.

Security – 2/10

The lack of secure payment methods such as PayPal or Skrill will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth as you won’t be eligible for an inherent refund.

#7 BoostingMarket

Overall grade – 4/10

Booster Quality – 3/10

One of the biggest downsides when it comes to BoostingMarket’s service is the fact that their boosts occasionally take too long. This is because their boosters are often not qualified to take on bigger orders or those that involve high elo boosting.

The price – 2/10

It’s practically impossible to find a good deal on this website unless you find a large discount code, as the prices are much higher than those you’d usually find on other websites.

Trustworthiness – 4/10

While there aren’t any blatant negative reviews around the website, it’s still relatively new and there are other places where you can find a boosting service with more experience under their belt.

Customer service – 6/10

Finding proper customer service is luckily easy as the website has a live chat option that you can use if you run into any issues during the purchase. In addition, the website is flexible in terms of language as you can translate it into several different ones.

Options/Flexibility – 2/10

The boosting options you’ll find on this website are very basic and they offer only the most common boosting options without much room for preference adjustments.

Security – 8/10

You’re in luck as this website allows secure payments with over 40  secure supported payment methods including PayPal and Crypto.

#8 BoostingHero

Overall grade – 3.5/10

Booster Quality – 2/10

A lot of reviews on the site suggest that the boosters are sometimes unfit to take on the tougher boosting tasks in high elo. In addition, some of them have been known to be toxic to the teammates they’re playing with in-game.

The price – 5/10

In general, you’ll find a better deal on BoostingHero than you will on the majority of other boosting websites, especially if you manage to snatch a good deal paired up with a discount.

Trustworthiness – 2/10

It’s very difficult to keep a straightforward reputation as a boosting organization that has just started working, especially once you factor in some of the negative reviews that suggest that the website is not to be trusted.

Customer service – 3/10

The customer service on this website is often described as incompetent and unhelpful, with some of the customers complaining that it was incredibly difficult to receive a refund after they weren’t satisfied with their order.

Options/Flexibility – 5/10

Apart from the usual boosting options that you’ll find, BoostingHero also offers individual coaching sessions with their top-notch boosters.

Security – 7/10

You can pay with PayPal upon checkout which is one of the website’s major positives, along with a few other secure payment options.

#9 MyBoosting

Overall grade – 3.5/10

Booster Quality – 3/10

Some of the boosters on the website are decent, but you’ll often find yourself being boosted by sub-par players. As a result, some of the boosts they conduct take much longer than necessary given that their boosters will lose some of the games they absolutely shouldn’t.

The price – 6/10

The cost is one of the major selling points of the website’s services as they have decent prices all across the board, especially when it comes to high elo boosting orders. 

Trustworthiness – 1/10

The main reason why people stay away from this website is frequent accusations that the website is a complete scam. While there are positive reviews suggesting that the website is indeed trustworthy, the majority suggests that their account doesn’t get elo boosted after payment completion.

Customer service – 2/10

It’s very difficult to find proper help if you get stuck in the purchasing process, as it’s nigh impossible to contact their staff and get a response in a timely manner.

Options/Flexibility – 4/10

This website conducts boosting on smaller regions as well as offers various customization options for your boosting order.

Security – 6/10

Your money is in safe hands as Myboosting enables numerous secure options that allow you to get a refund if things go south.

#10 Sherpas Boosting

Overall grade – 3/10

Booster Quality – 5/10

Generally speaking, Sherpas boosters are decent and they’ll get the job done in a timely manner. They’re friendly and you can expect consistent communication throughout the boosting process.

The price – 2/10

The major disadvantage of buying a boost from them is that they typically charge up to 50% more than their rival websites. The only way you’re going to get a decent deal is if you’ve managed to snipe out some of the discount codes on their website.

Trustworthiness – 3/10

While their reviews are generally positive, the website is relatively new and inexperienced which is a hindrance to its general trustworthiness.

Customer service – 2/10

It’s very difficult to get a rationally-timed response from the staff as the only option of contact is emailing them or sending them a message through their website that takes forever to get answered.

Options/Flexibility – 7/10

There are plenty of unique customization options, such as the fast pass that pushes your order to the front as well as gameplay video reviews and coaching. Apart from that you can choose among the numerous common options such as duo boosting.

Security – 1/10

It’s impossible to find a secure payment tunnel on this website, as they only allow direct credit card transfers which leaves you open to the possibility of being scammed and left empty-handed.

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