Regardless of how immersive and interesting a game is, sometimes, you just want to take a break from the main action and have fun. This is why bonus levels exist. Whether they are additional game stages with no consequence in the game or features like free spins, game bonuses allow you to forget the rigors of the actual game, earn points or money, and collect rewards. Let’s review the best Xbox game bonus levels of all time.

What Are Bonus Levels?

In video games, a bonus level is a stage that you do not need to complete in order to beat the game or progress the story. It is usually secret and only unlockable after you meet some requirements and can be more difficult to play than regular levels but offer better rewards.

Most video game genres offer bonus levels in some capacity. You can find them in puzzle games, platformers, RPGs, and more. In casino gaming, bonus levels are more accurately called bonus rewards. They are perks found in nearly every casino game, including slots, that you can unlock through gameplay. Casino bonuses like this no-deposit bonus include multipliers and free spins and allow you to bet and play without wagering your money.

A no-deposit bonus, in particular, is a feature of some casinos that rewards you with bonus money the moment you open a gambling account. You can then use this perk to open online pokie levels and win real money without putting your own money on the line.

  1. Car Smash (Street Fighter II)

The Car Smash bonus levels in Street Fighter II were mindless fun consisting of players using martial arts to smash an expensive car. The activity had nothing to do with the actual game but was so fun that it became synonymous with video game bonus levels. Like many bonus levels, Car Smash popped up once in every game, making it the best of rare gaming treats.

  1. The Match Game (Super Mario Bros 3)

Super Mario Bros 3 comes with tons of bonus levels. You can play one-up slots, a remake of the title’s first arcade game, mini boss fights, and more. However, the winner here is the Match Game. This bonus level appears randomly on maps and allows you to collect very rare power-ups. 

  1. Halfpipe Dash (Sonic 2)

Sonic 2 is known for many things, including its pseudo-3D bonus levels with impeccable graphics. Emerald 7, the final stage, can be a tad grey and dull in the beginning but the addition of rings in the tube in the third section is magical. Essentially, the goal is to nail the ring target in the level’s third checkpoint and when you do, the background lights up like you have never seen.

  1. Test Your Might (Mortal Kombat)

Featuring catchy techno music, Mortal Kombat’s Test Your Might is somewhat laid back compared to the violence of the rest of the game. Players use martial art skills to complete tasks, such as karate chopping a board or using your hand to split pure diamond or ruby. Test Your Might involves a lot of button tapping and is well worth the fun.

  1. Cortex Token Stages (Crash Bandicoot)

The bonus levels in Crash Bandicoot are slightly different from the rest in that you need them to save your progress. The cortex token stages are left-to-right 2D platformers that allow you to roam the game’s environment as you wish, while earning great rewards. However, there is the risk of falling off if you explore too far into the screen but the exhilaration is worth it.


Most video games offer memorable and enjoyable bonus levels. The goal of the new backdrops, music, and visual effects is to help take your mind off the main theme and just enjoy yourself – think of it as a reward for gameplay. In casino gaming, you are rewarded through bonuses that allow you to bet without putting your money on the line. Either way, it seems game developers are intent on incentivizing players.