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Think of yourself as some hotshot speed freak capable of nailing every apex, destroying every hairpin and able to pound at pace along every straight? Well, you’ll be able to prove it once and for all with WRC 9 as the new FIA Rally Star content promises to let dreams come true. 

Available to purchase and download right now from the Xbox Store (and other stores if you prefer life away from Xbox) is the WRC 9 FIA Rally Star pack. 

This will set you back £8.39 but in return you’ll be given the chance to become a profrssional rally driver. Yep, you read that right – a professional rally driver. You see, FIA Rally Star is the first worldwide programme solely dedicated to discovering future real-world stars, and the official game of the WRC is playing host. 

What this means is that by downloading and adding the FIA Rally Star content to your game you’ll discover 12 new online challenges playing out. Running between February and August 2021 you’ll be given the opportunity to show off your skills and set your best times, going up against others from around the globe. Come the end of the challenges, and utilising the in-game M-Sport Fiesta Rally3, the 12 winners will spend time in one of six different continental finals. This in turn will see the 7 best drivers – at least one of which will be a woman – become enrolled in a training and practice programme, the best of whom will discover two seasons worth of racing in the FIA Junior WRC champs as reward. 

If you’re between the ages of 17-26 then the WRC FIA Rally Star competition is open and ready to roll. Full info can be found over at FIArallystar.com. It is there where you’ll be able to register too. 
Obviously you’ll also need a copy of WRC 9 to hand in order to get involved with all this racing, but with that in hand and the download of the FIA Rally Star content in place, the world is possibly your oyster. 

Let us know how it goes – Good luck!

DLC Description:

Start your driving career and become part of the World Rally Championship thanks to WRC 9! FIA, WRC Promoter and Nacon are teaming up to organise FIA Rally Star, the first worldwide programme to select future rookie drivers through the official WRC video game. 12 online challenges from February to August 2021: at the end of these challenges, which will exclusively use the new M-Sport Fiesta Rally3, the 12 winners will qualify for one of the six continental finals. At the conclusion of these finals, the 7 best drivers, including at least one woman, will be enrolled in an exclusive training and competitive practice programme. For the best, the adventure will continue with 2 seasons in the FIA Junior WRC championship! It’s an incredible opportunity to make a dream come true for rally fans from 17 to 26 years of age!

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