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Looking for a top-notch cricket simulation? Well, you’re not going to get it with Big Bash Boom on Xbox One – but this may still be your best bet for a bit of arcade cricketing action. 

Available right now on Xbox One, Big Bash Boom delivers an intense mix of T20 cricket and the very best arcade action, enabling any player to pick up a bat and bash one out like there is no tomorrow. 

With a price of £44.99 in place, Big Bash Boom certainly isn’t a cheap and cheerful entry into the cricket videogames market, but with the genre struggling to ever find a decent cricketing title – with Ashes Cricket only really bringing anything decent – forgoing simulation for a bit of arcade action may well be the best course to take. 

Big Bash Boom on Xbox One is a fully licensed cricket game, including every single team from both the year’s KFC Big Bash League and that of the Rebel Women’s Big Bash League. However, whilst the teams and players may be well known, it is the cricketing action that is far from regular. 

See, Big Bash Boom will see you delivering powerups galore as you nail the sixes and fire out the ducks. With more than 60 unlockable celebrations, headwear and ball types – fancy throwing a potato? – Big Bash Boom doesn’t ever attempt to come across as realistic, but maybe that is for the best. 

A tournament mode will allow anyone, anywhere, to be able to jump in and start hitting the ball like a pro within Big Bash Boom, but should you begin to tire of that, then the inclusion of mascots and dancing ducks will no doubt help pass the time. 

Big Bash Boom on Xbox One can be grabbed right now from the Xbox Store. Will you be found delivering aces, or hitting this game out for six? Let us know in the comments below. 

Game Description:

This ball’s on fire!Big Bash Boom mixes all the big hitting thrills of T20 cricket with instantly accessible arcade action. Anyone, anywhere, will be able to jump in and be hitting the ball like a pro with Big Bash Boom, which is fully licensed and includes all teams and players featured in this year’s KFC Big Bash League (BBL) and Rebel Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL). Key Features:- This ain’t regular cricket! Massive powerups will let you set new records for sixes, or pile on the ducks while bowling.- Over 60 unlockables! Bling out your team with everything from custom celebrations and headwear, to a potato for the cricket ball. – Dancing mascots and ducks! Really rub those victories in with all the BBL’s official mascots, and cricket’s iconic duck, doing their thing. – Tournament mode – Play every match in the 2018/2019 season- Fully licenced music – Smash those sixes to the tune of BMG licensed tracks, such as Jet, The Living End, and San Cisco


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