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There may not be any more immersive superbike racing opportunities in gaming than that delivered by the SBK series. Named after the real-life WorldSBK championship, which sees the world’s best dominate tracks on heavy-powered superbikes, SBK 22 promises to deliver the most up-to-date simulation of the tyre-burning, throttle-pushing extravaganza.

SBK 22 allows riders to take part in the official WorldSBK 2022 championship, with twenty-four riders to assume control of, and twelve tracks to race across, truly trading paint with the creme de la creme of superbikers. 

With a team such as Milestone behind it – legendary moto-racing developers – you can be sure that SBK 22 will be packed with a ton of modes that each capture what it takes to be a SBK rider. One’s first port of call would likely be the Career Mode, in which you take your rider to the top, hiring a number of figures around you to form your personal team. 

In the wealth of customisation options available, not only can you edit your helmet, overalls and butt patch (it’s what I’ve always wanted) with a powerfully in-depth sticker editor, SBK 22 allows you to create your own team from the bottom up. Perhaps making a team who race entirely in neon green would distract other riders, and see you cross the finish line first?

Milestone are also keen to emphasise ‘ANNA’ – the Artificial Neural Network Agent – which is a revolutionary piece of tech that should see your AI competitors reflect the personality of real-life racers, down to how much aggression they put into their racing.

Key features include:

  • TAKE PART IN THE 2022 WORLDSBK™ – Take on the official 2022 championship choosing from among 24 riders, prove your worth throughout the 12 stages, and reach the top step of the podium.
  • A WEEKEND OF RACES – Do you want to conquer first place in just a weekend? Dive into three days of free practice, Tissot Superpoles, and races to test your skills and triumph in constantly changing situations.
  • START YOUR JOURNEY TO BECOMING NUMBER 1 – All that’s needed is a signature on the right dotted line, and you’ll be able to start your career in the Superbike world: improve your reputation to join the best teams and hire professionals to form the perfect staff which will support you all the way to the top of the podium! Don’t forget about your bike: you’ll be in control of every parameter – from suspension management to engine improvements – so that you can succeed in creating the Superbike of your dreams.
  • A REAL EXPERIENCE – Hit the tracks with your favorite motorbike, manage fuel levels, and pick the right tires to take full advantage of the most challenging situations. Every choice matters, as you will be facing competitors made even more fierce and unpredictable by A.N.N.A., the neural artificial intelligence system based on machine learning.
  • MULTIPLAYER – Race your friends in a Superpole or a simple race session in the new Multiplayer mode. But don’t stop there! You can also set your personal best in the time trials, so you can send your name to the top of the Leaderboard!

Throw in the addictive twelve player online racing, with the aim of topping every leaderboard imaginable, and SBK 22 really is the complete SBK package. If you wish to get involved and put the throttle to the metal, SBK 22 is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. For everything Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, the Xbox Store will have you sorted for £32.99.

There’s a VIP Multiplier Pass for £3.99 available too – it’ll give you the chance to speed up your game progress significantly.

Game Description:

Saddle up your Superbike and show what you’re made of while racing in the official 2022 WorldSBK™. After ten years, SBK™ returns with a title more immersive and engaging than ever, created with the contribution of real riders to make you experience the thrill of competition!

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