Remember the days of Skylanders? Have fond memories of LEGO: Dimensions? Still love Amiibo? Well, forget about all those games which allowed toys to come to life because there’s a new kid on the block – and this time round Ubisoft are putting all their might behind Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Available right now on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, Starlink: Battle for Atlas plays on bringing real physical toys to life, allowing you to create your very own spaceship, decide upon which pilot you wish to fly this craft, and switch the high-powered weaponry in and out on the fly.

Now, you may be sitting there wondering how much all of this is going to cost, after-all, anything that comes with physical collections is ripe for being a bit of a cash cow, but the good thing about Starlink is that the use of ‘toys’ is completely optional, with gamers still being able to get in and enjoy the action without the need for physical creations.

Of course, it’s always going to be more fun to stick weapons on upside down or back-to-front, then it is to delve in to a maze of menus, but it’s nice of Ubisoft to ensure that Starlink can reach a wider range of gamers, without putting too much stress on the old wallet.

But what is Starlink? Well, basically put you are left to lead a bunch of pilots across the Atlas star system, taking the fight to the evil Grax and destroying his Forgotten Legion. With a whole star system to explore, a wide range of ecosystems to take in and some seriously deep RPG mechanics should that be the way you wish to roll, Starlink looks to be something that will easily sort out the space adventurer in all of us.

You can grab it right now from your local store, or if you prefer the digital version, yout favourite digital store. Of course, we recommend that is the Xbox Store, but those on other systems will no doubt disagree. You should be able to find it at £69.99 for the Standard Edition, or £89.99 for the Deluxe Edition which includes an extra starship, 3 more pilots and a good few more weapons.

You can also buy a ton of Pilot and Starship Packs separately too, with all of the following also digitally available…

  • Levi Pilot Pack – £3.19
  • Collection Pack – £57.99
  • Hailstorm & Meteor Mk.2 Weapon Pack – £5.19
  • Kharl Pilot Pack – £3.19
  • Lance Starship Pack – £11.99
  • Crusher Shredder & Mk.2 Weapon Pack – £5.19
  • Razor Pilot Pack – £3.19
  • Neptune Starship Pack – £11.99
  • Iron Fist & Freeze Ray Mk.2 Weapon Pack – £5.19
  • Shockwave & Gauss Gun Mk.2 Weapon Pack – £5.19
  • Eli Pilot Pack – £3.19
  • Pulse Starship Pack – £11.99

Whatever format you are playing Starlink on though matters little – just get out there, and enjoy the space flight that it brings. Oh, and make sure you stick those weapons on the right way round yeah!

Game Description:

In Starlink: Battle for Atlas, lead a group of interstellar pilots as you build your own starship, explore the Atlas star system, and battle the vile Grax and his Forgotten Legion. Pre-order and get an additional pilot to fly with! Startail is a pint-sized berserker able to unleash explosive shots. Includes: * Starlink Game * 4 Starships : Zenith, Neptune, Pulse, Lance * 6 Pilots : Mason, Judge, Chase, Hunter, Levi, Razor * 12 Weapons : Flamthrower, Frost Barrage, Shredder, Levitator, Volcano, Imploder, Iron Fist, Alt. Freeze Ray, Crusher, Super Gatling, Shockwave, Alt. Gauss A STAR SYSTEM TO EXPLORE Travel seamlessly through the exotic alien worlds of the Atlas star system and discover its seven planets with their own ecosystem and wildlife. A WHOLE NEW GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE Mix and match pilots, starships and weapons to create the ship of your dreams and customize it to adapt to defeat the enemy. DEEP RPG MECHANICS Experience a deep gameplay with RPG mechanics, equip mods on your weapons and starships, unlock pilots abilities and make alliances with factions.

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