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Love Contra? Love Metal Slug? You’re gonna love Blazing Chrome!

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Blazing Chrome from JoyMasher and The Arcade Crew takes us back to the golden age of gaming, where side scrolling shooters were king and gameplay was tough.

Priced up at £14.24, and also available as part of Xbox Game Pass, Blazing Chrome takes everything that we once knew and loved about the side scroller, before dropping in modern day touches to ensure that not only will the gameplay be as precise as it should be, but that it stays true to the era, and the genre, that has inspired it.

Blazing Chrome sees you playing out proceedings as a lone resistance fighter, Mavra, or the robotic insurgent known as Doyle, as you attempt to make your way through six highly detailed, hugely varied stages that are full of bullet-spewing AI.

If that sounds like your type of thing and you think Blazing Chrome has what it takes to hold a candle to either Contra or Metal Slug, then you should be heading over to a digital store near you right now. For us Xbox One gamers, we’ll see the Xbox Store giving up the goods, but similarly the PlayStation Store and that of the Nintendo eShop will also provide the relevant downloads.

While you’re waiting for your download to complete, you could well check out our full review of Blazing Chrome on Xbox One. We absolutely love what JoyMasher have created and – spoiler alert – think that it is an absolute must buy title.

But enough of what we think – let us know your thoughts surrounding Blazing Chrome by dropping into the comments section down below.

Game Description:

In Blazing Chrome, machines rule the world and the few humans left are on the edge of total extermination, lacking power, prestige or status among their metal and circuits overlords. Bring your best pal and kick some metal butts to free the humankind while enjoying a classic run’n’gun, fully loaded with action and exciting fights! Humans are expendable after an AI controlled robot army take over the world. They survive in hiding while their hunters rule the surface. When a small rebel group gets an intel about a big AI’s power plant, the machines strike their camp before they can organize an attack. A small group of rebels escape and go in a suicide mission to destroy this power plant. Choose to play as Mavra, a super badass human resistance soldier, or Doyle, the equally groovy and deadly insurgent robot. This suicide mission will result in heavy casualties and a ton of lock-and-load fast-paced action where scraping robots and blazing chrome with your powerful weapons is the only thing standing between you and your freedom. Dash through 5 apocalyptic environments with hundred of robots-enemies to blow to pieces. Blast your way through the enemy lines and and try to defeat a bunch of mechanical bosses with using hoverbikes, huge armors and a whole arsenal of kick-ass weapons.

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