If you’re looking to make a statement in the free-to-play MOBA Gigantic, then this new DLC pack could provide you with eternal greatness. But what exactly will you find within it?

Well, as long as you don’t already own the Founders Pack – which unlocks the focal character for free anyway – then you’ll find the Eternal Dawn Pack will grant access to a lance-wielding hero, Zandora, who works as a melee/support hybrid. Zandora’s abilities include a regenerative aura to heal your allies and a way to activate damage resistance. But that’s not all, as it comes with a Storm Drake creature, as well as costume variants and premium skins for multiple characters like Vadasi, Beckett and Voden.

Those wanting to bring additional diversity to their roster will need to shed out £15.99 for the Gigantic Eternal Dawn Pack from the Xbox Games Store. Do you think it’s worth the price for a new hero and some aesthetic variation? Be sure to let us know in all of the usual places; on social media, in the comments, or in our forum!

DLC Description:

Expand your roster diversity with the Eternal Dawn Pack featuring Zandora – a lance-wielding melee/support hybrid hero! Accelerate your team to defend a creature, heal your allies with a regenerative aura, or activate damage resistance to hold the front-line. Gain access to Zandora, the mighty Storm Drake creature, and more when you embrace the Eternal Dawn! The Eternal Dawn Pack includes: – Zandora Hero + 2 Base Costume Variants – Zandora Champion of Aurion Premium Skin + 2 Variants – Voden Champion of Aurion Premium Skin + 2 Variants – Vadasi Champion of Aurion Premium Skin + 2 Variants – Beckett Champion of Aurion Premium Skin + 2 Variants – Storm Drake Creature

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