The sirens are sounding, calls to battle-stations emanating off of every wall. It’s World War 2 – and the Bomber Crew needs your help.

If you have ever wanted to assume control of your own aerial bombing crew amidst war times then look no further – as Bombing Crew, releasing today on Xbox One and PS4, promises exhilarating simulation action as you order your own crew of soldiers around on a variety of high-stakes bombing runs. It’s one life for your men/women: if they die, they die!

You won’t get far through many objectives without upgrading both your crew themselves and the bird they will be piloting, as you will have to earn the chance to improve your plane’s reliability and firepower as you tough it out through onslaughts of enemy units and fierce weather conditions. Everything from fuel to hydraulics to altitude monitoring must be kept in check whilst carrying out the task at hand… whether that is defending your army or disposing of an enemy outpost.

When you manage to find a break in the cycle of upgrading and missions, you may want to check out the extensive customization options for your plane and soldiers – if only to add a streak of hot pink to your plane’s undercarriage!

For any die-hard veterans, or newcomers dabbling in the intense world of the simulation, Bomber Crew will hopefully cater to all skill levels and offer an enjoyable experience all the same. You can find it on the Microsoft Store for £11.99 (be quick and you may get a launch discount), or alternatively for Switch, and PS4. There is also a Deluxe Edition available (£15.99), bringing with it a Season Pass that delivers brand new missions. As is usually the case, that Season Pass can be grabbed individually for £7.99, whilst the first DLC mission included in that can be nabbed for £4.79.

Those playing on PC will find a little update arriving too, one that brings the the all-new Infinite Mode and leaderboards.

Make sure you keep an eye out for our full review of Bomber Crew on Xbox One. It’ll be live in the days ahead.

Game Description:

Bomber Crew is a World-war 2 strategic bombing sim, where completing the objective is just as important as keeping your crew alive, as death is permanent! Take to the skies in this immersive flight simulation where each mission is a high-risk expedition. Manage everything from fuel, ammo, hydraulics and more in your very own physics based Bomber, which can be customized with an array of liveries and paint jobs! Danger comes from every angle when the wheels are up; Enemy fighters, flak guns, poor weather and an array of other perilous dangers await, so ensure your Crew are prepared for each mission correctly, and come back victorious!

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