If you are a horse lover, then you will realise that riding is much more than a sport. It’s a way of life and the arrival of My Little Riding Champion on Xbox One, PS4 and PC is going all out to prove that.

Available right now on Xbox One, the most powerful console the world has ever seen – and PS4 and PC – My Little Riding Champion is found to be chomping at the bit in an attempt to show all naysayers that horse riding doesn’t have to be at high speed. And it doesn’t have to be limited to Red Dead Redemption 2 either.

Priced at £34.99 – yep, that’s right – this is a game that will appeal to the horse lovers out there; the ones who wish to immerse themselves in the life of a show pony. My Little Riding Champion does that by giving you the ability to play as your own character, before going out and managing and training your horse, prior to exploring a vast open world. This is all about the life that you and your horse can lead, and whether you wish to prance around like there is no tomorrow, or just want to take part in many competitions, then the option is there.

This is true horse management, pushing you into the role of groomer, rider, carer and more, taking on everything from the most basic daily care to utter emotional bonding with your 4-hoofed friend.

Also available on PS4 and PC, with a Nintendo Switch edition coming soon, My Little Riding Champion will no doubt appeal to a ton of horse lovers out there. Is that you? Get yourself over to the Xbox Store, nab that download and then let us know why you have plumped for a purchase by posting in the comments below this article. If ever there was a time we’d love to hear from you, this is it.

Game Description:

Your horse. Your passion. Get ready to fulfil your dreams at a gallop. The village’s riding club needs you to win the next major competitions. Choose your favourite horse, train it and win medals for your club! Create a bond by going out riding in the countryside and taking care of it. Together you will set out on a large number of missions and earn new outfits and equipment for both of you. -Lots of different horses to choose from -Real horse care and upkeep, and a real emotional bond -A large number of customisation options -An open world to explore with lots of long rides -Over 15 hours of gameplay with intense training, missions and rides -Many different types of competitions and rewards


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