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This summer you’ll be able to let your mind run wild as the cooperative space construction builder Bonkies will be launching on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Arriving with help from the [email protected] team, Bonkies from Studio Gauntlet and Crunching Koalas (This War of Mine, Frostpunk) is a new physics based couch co-op affair that sees us blasting off into space for a bit of building madness – one that just so happens to deliver jetpack equipped monkeys for good measure.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, Bonkies has picked up a ton of positive feedback during a time spent in Steam Early Access, and so it’s now time to start gearing up for full release.

In Bonkies you will be found taking control of a group of highly trained monkeys, fully equipped with powerful bionic arms and jetpacks. The game will take players on a journey through wacky construction sites located on various planets of our solar system, leaving them to spend time cooperating in order to stack blocks to fit the outline in time. If you have ever played the brilliant Snipperclips, then you’ll know roughly what to expect.

With the opportunity to utilise special blocks and work in hostile alien environments, the physics-based challenges in Bonkies can be tackled in single-player mode or across teams of 2-4 players, with both single and multiplayer campaigns full of hand-crafted levels that require quick wits, agility, coordination and planning to solve in time.

A whole host of characters will be in place, from a varied cast of loveable monkeys and other creatures, to ensure that a fairly challenging, super light-hearted, experience takes place.

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Key game features include:

  • Raise and accidentally topple stacked blocks with physics-based mechanics
  • Have fun with up to 3 friends or by yourself in single and multiplayer campaigns
  • Travel to the far reaches of the solar system and visit planets like Mars and celestial dwarfs such as Pluto
  • Tease your brain with tons of cleverly designed challenges
  • Make good use of a multitude of special blocks
  • Guide monkey astronauts with state-of-the-art equipment

Fancy a bit of monkey building madness? Take in the teaser trailer below and then hold tight as we keep you up-to-date in the weeks and months ahead.


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