ride 4 bonus pack 08

It’s pretty much a weekly deal, but RIDE 4 continues to expand beyond that which first launched in October 2020. This time around it’s all about the freebies too as RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 08 expands the roster again. 

Available to download free of charge right now, the RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 08 is the latest free offering to come out of the Milestone Studios team, helping enhance and expand what RIDE 4 players have access to. And much like the slew of previous free Bonus packs that have been integrated into the game, this one drops in a new bike and events. 

So what do we have this time? Well, it’s the Yamaha MT-09 (2020) that is the star of the show, giving you the chance to sit astride an absolute beast of a machine; something that is capable of taking you to new two-wheeled heights. 

Alongside that though are no less than five new events to enjoy – giving you reason to hop back into the game to see what’s what. 

You’ll find the RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 08 available and present on the usual digital stores so no matter whether you are playing RIDE 4 on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S (Xbox Store link is right here), on PS4 or PS5, or through PC, you are sorted with being able to experience everything it has to deliver. 

Of course, you’ll need the base game of RIDE 4 in your library in order to get access to the Yamaha MT-09. But you’ve got that already, yeah? As always, let us know if you’ll be downloading this latest DLC pack for RIDE 4. If not, why not? Is there a specific bike you are holding out for? Drop your thoughts into the comments and Milestone may just be able to help make your dreams come true.

DLC Description:

Download the Bonus Pack 08 and expand your gaming experience with 1 new exclusive bike and 5 events.

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