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The 80s have called, they want their aesthetic back. For those fortunate to be born after the 80s who have no idea what they looked like, I present to you Mainframe Defenders on Xbox: A new turn-based strategy game with a real retro-futuristic look to it. And it can be downloaded today from the Xbox Store.

Heavily inspired by 80s terminal PCs – and absolutely nailing that aesthetic – Mainframe Defenders is a blend of XCOM and Cogmind that has you defending the Stargazer research complex after it has been hit by a computer virus. You will lead a squad of units through procedurally generated levels against the virus and enemy units it now controls. Expect to have to use a variety of tactics to defeat your opponents.

How you build your squad is upto you. Combine them with unique abilities and items for some interesting combinations. Tactics may have to be quickly altered though as enemy units can and will counter certain strategies.

Death is not the end though. You will still unlock new items and units to make your next attempt that little bit easier. If the gameplay is set in the same period as the aesthetic though, expect Mainframe Defenders to be a tricky little customer indeed.

Get ready to travel back to a time where computer screens were every shade of green. Mainframe Defenders is on the Xbox Store now priced at £9.99. Let us know in the comments if you remember a time of PCs before operating systems and looking a lot like Mainframe Defenders!

Game description

MAINFRAME DEFENDERS – tactical retrofuturistic strategy game. A computer virus has infiltrated the “Stargazer” research complex. Most of the robotic units are controlled by the virus. Lead a squad of 4 prototypes on a mission to defend complex mainframe. You’ll have to repel assaults, destroy unit fabricators, download valuable data, clear infected nodes, and do more on your way to the deepest parts of the complex. Work with item limitations and drawbacks to build powerful combinations. Destroy your enemies with diverse tactics: overheat them, melt with corrosion, absorb damage, and return fire. But don’t rely on a single strategy too much – enemies might have a way to counter it. But above everything else: defend the Mainframe!

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