Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck xbox

It is a really good time to be a Borderlands 3 fan. They must be loving the amount of content that Gearbox Software has been cranking out. I mean, only three days before the game’s one year anniversary comes the fourth installment of DLC: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck. Not only is this DLC pack incredibly unsafe to say around your mother, but it also launches today on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

If you are new to the Borderlands series and you are eager to hop in, you better be ready for a load of crazy combat and psychotic humor. The poster boys for the series, enemies known as Psychos, are all perpetually mad. Despite being known as prime targets for your plethora of guns, one Psycho known as Krieg is actually an ally. That is good news for you and the scientist Patricia Tannis who believes that all Psychos have a connection to a strange place called ‘Vaulthalla.’ The bad news is that Krieg is not the strongest communicator. That means that you and your Borderlands 3 crew will have to venture into the weird, possibly fatal, and disturbing realm of Krieg’s mind.

As you venture through the twisted mindscape of Krieg, you will find plenty of Borderlands 3 adventures to have. New side quests, Crew Challenges, and weapons will not only give you more to do, but they will add on to Krieg’s story and character. In fact, you might even learn more about other members of the Crimson Raiders. What secrets does Krieg’s mind hide? What hopes and dreams does he hold dear? Odds are high that the answer to both of these questions is Krieg yelling something about meat chunks.

The story bits and weapons are not the only goodies this DLC has to offer. New Legendary items, Vault Hunter Heads, Weapon Trinkets, and Room Decorations will give you even more reasons to enter the mind of a raving lunatic, whilst this DLC arrival also sees a level cap increase that is free for all Borderlands 3 players – taking it up to a massive 65. 

Features include:

  • Journey through the many demented vistas of Krieg’s psyche, where anything is possible and very probably violent
  • Experience the world as Krieg sees it, including his perception of fan-favorite characters like Maya, the light of his twisted life
  • Overcome a vast array of life-threatening manifestations that Krieg’s mind conjures up
  • Expand Krieg’s mind and Tannis’ research in surreal side missions and Crew Challenges
  • Score powerful Legendary weapons and gear that will still work outside of Krieg’s consciousness, according to Tannis
  • Acquire brain-busting cosmetic items including Vault Hunter Heads and Skins

Once more unto the Borderlands sound like a good time? A payment of £11.99 on the Xbox Store will guarantee you a ticket on the Locomöbious; a psychedelic train that screams around Krieg’s mind. Huge props to the team at Gearbox for not calling it Krieg’s “Train of Thought.” You’ll also find it available as part of the Borderlands 3 Season Pass.

And if you need more B3 madness in your life, check out Titan Books’ The Art of Borderlands 3. It’s glorious.

If you have any questions or just want to share your excitement with us, write to us in the comments below.

Game Description:

Bloodthirsty psychos are everywhere in the Borderlands, but what makes them so uniformly deranged? Brilliant scientist Patricia Tannis theorizes they’ve all been driven insane by the knowledge of a mythical place she’s dubbed “Vaulthalla.” And the key to uncovering this legendary location lies with the most badass psycho of them all: Krieg, an unlikely ally who swings his viscera-soaked buzz-axe on behalf of the Crimson Raiders. Unfortunately, every attempt to get information from Krieg quickly devolves into yells of “Butchery for juicy weasels!” and other equally unhelpful exclamations. The only way to learn the true nature of Vaulthalla is to climb inside Krieg’s chaotic mind and seek it out yourself. Using absurdly advanced technology, Tannis is sending you and your fellow Vault Hunters on a mission set entirely within Krieg’s consciousness. You’ll have to befriend both sides of Krieg’s psyche: the screaming murder machine the world sees every day, and the calm inner voice that tries to steer Krieg’s rampages in the right direction. You’ll explore a surreal mindscape where the laws of physics and human decency rarely apply, helping Krieg process his warped worldview and traumatic memories by blasting his inner demons to bits. Just try not to succumb to lunacy inside Krieg’s imagination, which is littered with memory fragments, distorted landscapes, and meat. So much meat. Only by surviving Krieg’s twisted inner world can you reap the rewards of Vaulthalla, so say goodbye to sanity as you know it. Or as Krieg would say, “Chew the spine and splash the eyeballs! It’s the happiest day of your death!”

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