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It’s been a little over 2 years since Ratalaika Games released Bouncy Bullets onto Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. Seems just enough time then to throw out a sequel. Yep, Bouncy Bullets 2 is here. 

Available to purchase and download right now, Bouncy Bullets 2 is a fun little shooter that has been created by Petite Games. With the prolific Ratalaika Games behind publishing rights, and the usual cheap asking price attached to the game, there’s little reason why you wouldn’t want to get involved. 

That price is a mere £4.99 from the Xbox Store, with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (fully optimised), PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch players now able to get in on the action. That action revolves around moving, jumping and, well, shooting your way through a variety of zones, navigating obstacles and challenges as you go, making the most of the bouncy bullets in your arsenal too.

There are 45 levels in total and that means a whole load of foes to go shooting. Throw in a little speedrun mode for good measure and for the low price being asked, Bouncy Bullets 2 seems content rich. 

We’re pretty sure that if you liked the original Bouncy Bullets, you’ll like what is being provided with the release of Bouncy Bullets 2. Get over to the digital store of your choosing should you agree that bouncing bullets is fun.

If you’re not sure, hold tight for our full review.

Game Description:

Get ready for more vibrant, colorful shooting fun in the anticipated sequel to Bouncy Bullets! Can you find the portal to exit each level? You’ll have to move, jump and shoot your way past each zone’s challenges and numerous obstacles. Boucy Bullets 2 also offers a speed run mode so you can try to beat your best time and set a new record. Can you master the physics of firing your weapon to bounce of the walls in a precise manner?

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