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If there is one constant in this life it is the fact that when Ratalaika Games publish a new title onto console, you can be sure that it’ll be bright, fun, and super cheap. On the face of it Bouncy Bullets covers those three elements beautifully, as the game launches on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita, with a Nintendo Switch drop scheduled for the 12th July 2019, Bouncy Bullets comes about via the creative minds at Petite Game, as Ratalaika handle the porting and publishing aspects to push out a quirky, colourful first person shooter.

Priced up at a mere £4.99 – with an initial launch discount in place on that too – Bouncy Bullets tells of a wonderful world in which the sky is blue, the water pink, and icebergs are replaced by some cool ice-creams. As you could guess from the title, Bouncy Bullets is certainly not one to take itself too seriously and blasting your way through the 84 stages in order to reach the ultimate end should well be a fun time.

Of course it won’t be easy and you’ll need to bring your first person shooting A-game to the table should you wish to succeed in Bouncy Bullets, attempting to nail the leaps and fight back against the bad guys at all times. With a star system highlighting just how on-point those skills are, and a leaderboard showing off those abilities for the world to see, Bouncy Bullets could well be a decent little time waster that is worth checking out.

Features include:

  • 84 levels
  • Plenty of colourful terrains for players to bounce around on and shoot enemies
  • Friends in need of rescuing
  • First-person exploration and combat

If you agree and wish to give it a go then you’ll need to head on over to your favourite digital store and get a download in. It’s available right now from the Xbox Store for Xbox One players, and the PlayStation Store for those fighting for the other side of the format war. Those preferring to sit in the middle ground with Nintendo Switch will need to hold on until the 12th July when Bouncy Bullets should arrive on the eShop.

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be picking this up. And if you’re not sold on the premise or the price, make sure you keep an eye out for our upcoming review.

Game Description:

In a world where the sky is blue and water is pink, with icebergs replaced by floating ice-creams, Bouncy Bullets is a colourfully vibrant first-person shooter that will task players to traverse wonderful terrains, in a bid to reach the portal that awaits them at the end of every level! Getting to the end won’t be easy though, since one bad leap, is enough to send you back to the beginning of your current level and if you run into enemies, they will shoot you. To counter this, armed with a gun of your own that’s loaded with bullets that bounce, you have the option to shoot first and rescue the occasional friend.

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