Desperados III Bounty mode

With the third and final part of the Money for the Vultures DLC delivering a conclusion to the expansion, one might think that Desperados III is all done and dusted. Fortunately, THQ Nordic and Mimimi Games have a free update up their sleeve, which has just introduced a Bounty mode and a Level Editing Cheats option to Desperados III on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

At the core of this latest free update for Desperados III is the Bounty Mode, enabling you to choose which of the five Desperados you want to play as in almost every major mission (in a similar fashion to the Baron’s Challenges, this mode will unlock during the second chapter of the game). You can either make it easier for yourself or spice the mission up a bit to ensure more of a challenge is on the cards. Alternatively, you could try to finish the game with Hector all over the place – that’s your call!

Also arriving today is the newly implemented “Level Editing Cheats”, which allow you to create your own mission setups and share your save games with every other Desperados III player around the globe. Basically, it’s just a light version of a level editor. By using the cheat codes,it’s easy to clean a map and then spawn all types of enemies in any location, while having a bit of fun placing different objects throughout the level in question. Want to use 20 dynamite crates and ten Gatling guns in Flagstone for maximum chaos? Not a problem! 

Should you need a helping hand with the level editing, the developers have released lots of information and a video tutorial to explain how it all works. So, check that out then get creative and share your own mission setups as save game files with other Desperados III players today. 

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