Whether you love the Xbox One Backward Compatibility feature or you hate it, there’s no denying the program continues to go from strength to strength with each new title made playable on Xbox One. And now we get to see another fresh bunch of new additions make their way to the Xbox One – but are they worth heading back to once more.

Saints Row: The ThirdPlay

As a big fan of the Saints Row series, it almost feels unfair to call any one title my favourite, but I think there will be plenty who would agree that Saints Row: The Third was a pretty stand out entry.

With just the right amount of crazy and an enjoyable story complete with its big-open world, there wasn’t much to fault from the delightful adventures of Johnny Gat and co. Whilst there may now be a new team of badass heroes on the scene looking to offer a Saints-esque adventure with the Agents of Mayhem, Saints Row: The Third is still well worth playing if you find yourself looking for a wacky adventure.

Slender: The ArrivalPlay

No matter whether you play the Xbox One version or the Xbox 360 version this is one title that certainly shouldn’t go unmissed.

It comes with haunting gameplay that will offer you an immersive thrill for an exceptionally low price, and that makes this a bit of a no-brainer that any fan of horror should be looking to get involved in once more.

Slender: The Arrival provides an extension to the original Slender Eight Pages internet sensation, and with each level proving just as creepy as the last there’s no reason not to give yourself a fright.

Super Contra Leave

Whilst I for one am a huge fan of retro games, Super Contra is not one I’d recommend players go back to.

With clunky controls, delayed gameplay mechanics and a relatively boring all-round experience to be had, there are plenty other games within the genre that look to provide a much better experience on Xbox One – unless it’s Super Contra in particular you crave of course.

Monopoly Deal Leave

Oh Monopoly, whether you come to us in boardgame or digital format you still manage to keep the family arguments going. But even though we all love a good game of family Monopoly, this was just not the way to go.

The board was removed and there were no more Dog, Car and Boot to plod around the board. That meant that Monopoly Deal lost a lot of the feel that made Monopoly the game it was.

Of course if it’s a proper Monopoly fix you’re after, then you can always find Xbox One and Xbox 360 BackwardsCcompatible versions of Monopoly Plus available too – it’s a much better way to experience the cult hit.

Undertow Leave

The gesture of a free game for a service outage is always approved of, but it’s fair to say Undertow wasn’t all that great, and quickly became a dusty digital fingerprint in many Xbox 360 players libraries. Even with the co-op campaign, underwater explosions and vehicular action, Undertow failed to leave much of an impression with many of its players, leaving many disappointed with what was described by as a poor offering, despite being a free game.

Although it may be one to revisit if you’re looking for something a little different to play with a buddy, this certainly isn’t one to go to for the next thrilling adventure.

So, there we have it, our thoughts on the latest games to arrive on Xbox One via Xbox Backwards Compatibility. What are your thoughts on the latest titles? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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Soda Popinski
Soda Popinski
5 years ago

Meh….undeniably crap really. Still waiting for some big ones like:

– Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
– Tomb Raider Anniversary
– Tomb Raider Legend
– FEAR trilogy
– Trials Evolution
– TMNT: 1989 Arcade

Reply to  Soda Popinski
5 years ago

Really want the MGS Collection and the DmC Collection being brought over

5 years ago