If you found yourself tempted by the real-time strategic affair delivered by Sudden Strike 4 European Battlefields Edition a few short months back, then you would have found the ultimate Sudden Strike experience. But now we’re given the chance to go beyond that, breaking out of Europe to take in some of the most notorious desert skirmishes North Africa has ever seen.

Available right now on Xbox One is the Sudden Strike: Africa – Desert War DLC addition. Priced up at £7.99, this new add-on allows us to take the fight away from the European Battlefields that we have previously had the chance to partake in, and straight into the heat of the African desert.

With 5 generals to take charge of, and missions which will see us invading the likes of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, crushing the American forces in the Battle of the Kasserine Pass or reliving the Second Battle of El Alamein and trying to help the Allied forces out, this Africa content pack most certainly looks to have enough draw to warrant the price tag.

Throw in the fact that it also sees the introduction of more than 30 new vehicles to the game, plus a number of weaponry options and you’ll quickly understand why this should be a pack that players of the European Battlefield Edition of Sudden Strike 4 on Xbox One should at least consider.

Are you one of those? If so, get over to the Xbox Store and grab a download. Remember, you’ll need the base game to hand first – if you haven’t yet done that then make sure you check out our review prior to dropping the cash.

DLC Description:

Based on the events of the Western Desert Campaign during World War II, the Sudden Strike 4: Africa – Desert War add-on centers around some of the most notorious desert skirmishes in North Africa. Choose from five new highly decorated generals, such as Erwin Rommel and Sir Richard O’Connor. Lead the Axis powers in their mission to invade Libya, Tunisia and Egypt to crush the unprepared American forces in the Battle of the Kasserine Pass, or take command of the Allies and relive the battle that turned the tide of the Western Desert Campaign – the Second Battle of El Alamein. Fight in an unforgiving and harsh desert setting with sandstorms to challenge your tactical wits. Features: • Sudden Strike 4: Africa – Desert War features two new mini-campaigns with six new singleplayer missions based on the events of the North African campaign during World War II. • In the Axis campaign, you will start the Italian advance on Egypt to take the city of Sidi Barrani, besiege the city of Tobruk and take over its harbor, as well as break through the Kasserine Pass in Tunisia. In the Allied campaign, take part in Operation Compass and retake the village of Sidi Barrani, relive the watershed of the Western Desert Campaign – the Second Battle of El Alamein, and break through the German defensive line in the Battle of Mareth. • Five new doctrine commanders to choose from: on the side of the Axis, choose from the highly decorated German general Erwin Rommel, as well as three additional Italian commanders, such as renowned field marshal Giovanni Messe. On the Allies side, you can now choose the legendary Sir Richard O’Connor as an armored general. • Sudden Strike 4: Africa – Desert War introduces 30+ new vehicles, including an all new medical truck, the Marder II Tank Destroyer, the British Bishop SPG, as well as the Italian Semovente da 105/25 Assault Gun.

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