Rainbow Six Siege may have lost Xbox eSport support in recent days, but that doesn’t mean we should be expecting anything slowing down when it comes to new content for the game. Today proves as much with another content drop that will certainly please those that like to stand out in the battle.

Today’s new content drop sees the wonderful world of Watch Dogs 2 make an appearance in Rainbow Six Siege. WATCH DOGS 2 Bundle – to give it it’s proper name brings some more fresh cosmetic changes to the game, to offer players a chance to show off any admiration they may have for Ubisoft’s popular open-world hacker, with some fresh headgear, a new weapon skin and a lucky new charm.

Those interested in the latest offering should make note that the new content is only available for those using Smoke, but if that still hasn’t turned you away then you’ll be happy to hear what you’ll be able to get your hands on. As for the headgear, it will be the Smoke Wrench Headgear that you will have your hands on. Whilst it may not be a full outfit, it does come sporting some rather dashing X’s sprayed onto the meshed eyes of the gas mask helmet. Next up is the weapon skin is the Paralysis weapon skin for the FMG-9 submachine Gun which brings a rather electrifying new look to those using Smoke’s machine gun. The final inclusion is the Thunder Ball charm and whilst many may look the other way, it is the Thunder Ball charm that has me most interested with the DEDSEC logo sprawled across the middle leaving for a rather rebellious looking charm to attach to your weapons.

If the Watch Dogs 2 Bundle is something you’d like to bring to your Rainbow Six Siege experience, then you can do so now for the price of £6.39. Whilst we can’t say we’re not disappointed to see this available for more characters, those specialising in the use of Smoke will now have an extra option to think about when it comes to character customisation.

Rainbow Six Siege and all of its current downloadable content is available to all players on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Those not yet up to speed on the tactical shooter that’s now in its second season can get up to speed now with our full review. We recommend you take a look.

DLC Description:

Hack the planet with the Watch Dogs 2® Bundle. Unlock Smoke’s Wrench headgear, Thunder Ball charm and Paralysis weapon skin for the FMG-9 submachine Gun.


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