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Currently available exclusively on Apple Arcade, the madcap twin-stick shooter that is Dead End Job will soon be coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, and today the teams at Headup and Ant Workshop have confirmed the December release date.

Developed by the former lead level designer on Red Dead Redemption, Dead End Job runs as an insane mash-up of Ren & Stimpy meets Ghostbusters, putting you in the ethereal boots of Hector Plasm. And it is this which will be launching on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC come Friday the 13th December 2019.

Created by Ant Workshop with publishing rights being handled by Headup, Dead End Job sees us playing out proceedings as a simple salary-specter, employed with the Number One Experts in Paranormal Pest Control, Ghoul-B-Gone. From there, Hector is tasked with ridding the wacky world of meddlesome spectral interlopers.

By tagging along with our hero for just another day at the office, we’ll be given the opportunity to head all over town to offices overrun by spirits, wraith-infested restaurants, and buildings around the rest of town with his trusty ghost bustin’ vacuum pack and trusty ol’ plasma blaster, putting abhorrent apparitions to rest for GOOD!

Should you be a lover of 1990’s-styled cartoons, wacky ghost hunting adventures, or cleanliness, then you will have a literal blast zooming through the vibrantly cartoony, gag ‘till you laugh, procedurally generated world that Dead End Job delivers. And what’s more, you’ll be able to groove to the beats of award-winning composer Wil Morton (Grand Theft Auto fame) as you rescue residents and chase promotions by wracking up hefty invoices to send to your clients — ghoul by fiendish ghoul!

If you wish to see how things play out in Dead End Job then check out the trailer below, and we’ll be sure to remind you when Dead End Job hits Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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